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Iowa Wineries & Our Quest to Discover Them All

We’ve been to a lot of places around Iowa and we seem to find ourselves gravitating to the local vineyards and wineries, and for good reason. The wine industry is going great here in Iowa and wine enthusiasts are going local more and more. We have found some skilled wine makers since we started this crazy travel blog back in 2014 and we’ve only scraped the tip of the cork. Here are the Iowa wineries that have made it into our Gallivants! Click on the links to see the original articles these wineries were featured in!

Madigan Winery-Lansing


We came to this winery in late summer on a very hot day. Luckily, they had plenty of cool sparkling pear wine, made from local pears, to quench our thirst. That’s road trip worthy all by itself!

Empty Nest Winery-Waukon


One of the funnest groups of wine makers we’ve ever met. They knew how to welcome in a group of travelers with their great pours and unique frozen wine drinks. Slushy wine on a NE-Iowa summer day is always a great idea.

Plum Creek Winery-Algona


The first winery we visited during our trip to Kossuth County and it was a perfect way to start off a day. The owners arrived from the house up the way and unlocked the tasting room so we could enjoy their delicious pours.

Train Wreck Winery-Algona


Talk about a name! The railroad industry is important to the Algona locals so why not open your winery in the renovated old depot. This is a wine tasting experience that you won’t find easily and should be on any wine lovers bucket list.

Winneshiek Wildberry Winery-Decorah


Another amazing winery in another amazing rural Iowa setting. The unbelievable showroom and tasting room here is one of the best in Iowa and built into a large barn that makes for a perfect setting to sip on their popular wines all afternoon!

Ardon Creek Winery-Letts


Quite possibly the best red wine I’ve had in my life known as Commission Man Red and Ardon Creek is home to it. This winery is near the Muscatine area and sits in the middle of rolling Iowa fields.

Odessa Vineyards-Wapello


Near the Port of Louisa National Wildlife Refuge is a little Odessa oasis that can give you another great treat while exploring the endless Louisa County scenery.

Vine Street Cellars-Glenwood

The town square of Glenwood is a lively one and one of the reasons why is the generous selection Vine Street Cellars has. If you are in the hills of SW-Iowa, you must stop in Glenwood and see this for yourself.


Corning Winery-Corning


Corning Winery sits over a pond and you can even see the fish swim under the floor as you sip your wine. You may have tasted some great wine, but have you ever looked down and made eye contact with a Crappie while doing it? I didn’t think so.

Cedar Ridge-Swisher


Centered in the middle of the Iowa City and Cedar Rapids metro areas on HWY 965 and loving it! Great wine, spirits and a Sunday brunch with jugs of homemade Sangria you get to pour yourself. Yes, you heard that right.

Soldier Creek Winery-Fort Dodge


Award winning wines on the outskirts of Fort Dodge! The aroma of incredible wine aging hits you right away when you walk into Soldier Creek’s facility. Not only can you taste their wine here, you can see the equipment up close that creates the very wine you’re enjoying.

Wide River Winery-LeClaire


The main drag of LeClaire has a lot to see and you might as well commit a felony while you’re there. I mean tip back a glass of Felony Red at Wide River. And take a few bottles home because this is the truth!

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