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Scouting RAGBRAI-Through the Allamakee Wilderness

Some of Iowa’s best trails, forests, river ways and historic areas is awaiting RAGBRAI’s homestretch in 2017. Pretty nice place to ride a bike through too. (Picture from Iowa DNR)

Allamakee County, IA

You are now reading the first “bonus” article we’ve done in our three years of Scouting RAGBRAI. For the first time there are two overnights in Allamakee County, at one time, and our recent trips to NE-Iowa revealed why the 45th trek across the state could be one of the most beautiful of its kind. Here are some of the most amazing parts of Iowa Team Goodvin has ever seen. And they’re all between Waukon and Lansing in Allamakee.

As RAGBRAI winds through the Yellow River State Forest ,the riders will encounter plenty of shade from the plush trees that surround the roads. Miles and miles of them up and down the bluffs. You may want to trade biking for a little hiking and find some of Iowa’s best overlooks and trails.

As you draw closer to the town of Harpers Ferry you could be drawn to Effigy Mounds National Monument, and the Indian mounds that are preserved here. Trails weave up and down the bluffs relieving some of North America’s most incredible Native American burial sites. Effigy Mounds has a beauty unique to itself along with inspiring overlooks that give a look at the Mississippi River in a way you may never see from anywhere else.

The rural roads will eventually lead you to little towns like Waterville and it’s home to just what the RAGBRAI nation will need. Might as well restock your soaps and lotions at Paint Creek Soaps! They’re handmade by the owner and her crew with many of them using local Iowa products as well. The shelves will be fully stocked and RAGBRAI will never smell this wonderful again. That is until the next time it rolls through Waterville. This little town is right on the route, but I know some RAGBRAI’ers like to get off the beaten path a little too. Allamakee County has just the place.

Madigan Winery has some of the best wine we’ve ever had on The Iowa Gallivant and you can’t leave without a bottle of their Sparkling Pear Wine made from local Pears. There’s outside seating, a great tasting room, and their own charming scenery. And get use to that “scenic” word while peddling through Allamakee. And stay tuned to The Iowa Gallivant as we still have Lansing coming up next week!

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And now for some very huge thank yous….

To Val Reinke at the ACED! You showed so much of you proud region and we can’t wait to get back!
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