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We Wanted Iowa’s Best Burger & Iowa Beef Showed Us Where To Go

Ames has a new champion in town and they have the ground beef masterpiece to back it up. 2504 Lincoln Way *We’re proud that Iowa Beef sponsored this post. The opinions expressed are of our own. No, let’s Gallivant!

Ames, IA: Story County
We have been at this travel blog for four years and we have finally made it to one of Iowa’s most exciting areas. The City of Ames was absolutely crazy busy in every corner of the town because thousands of students, families and visitors were celebrating graduation weekend. One of the establishments that was getting countless customers was Cafe Beaudelair and the staff were doing an amazing job. It’s not often you’re awarded with Iowa’s Best Burger on the same weekend you have the annual graduation slam-fest. 2018 saw the universe align for this Cafe and it was all-in for everyone involved. The busy restaurant is just where we wanted to be.

We love a happy crowd and Cafe Beaudelaire had oodles of them. From two tops of first-timers, like ourselves, to big tops of regulars enjoying their old college haunt once more before the summer move-out commences. The beer selection paired with beautiful mixed drinks is just another reason why this iconic Brazilian-inspired cafe stays popular and loaded with fun-loving patrons all year long. Guess what else keeps the bills paid…

How’s this sound for road trip baiting. Juicy burger patties made with primo Iowa Beef, fried eggs, sliced ham, melted cheeses, spicy sauces and perfect fries. This is when you can start making plans for Ames. We had all of that! They won this annual award for having a classic hand prepared Certified Angus Beef patty with salt, pepper, oregano and fresh veggies on a fresh wheat bun, but that’s not all they have! The signature Beaudelaire Bauru with mayo, tomatoes, lettuce, onions, peas, corn, fried egg, ham and mozzarella was the absolute truth. Yes, you’re right. Some of those ingredients aren’t on your everyday burger. Guess what. This isn’t your everyday burger. The added corn and peas give this a texture you’re not getting anywhere else in Iowa and that’s the added love that gets you on the burger map. We also put down the Border Burger with it’s beefy patty, avocado, broiled mozzarella and chipotle sauce.

You knew you had this the whole time, Ames!

We travel for many reasons and we can add Iowa’s Best Burger to that list of reasons why. Ames is a college town which means it’s a land of eternal youth. A new cycle of inspired students check in every year and, with that, many of them discover places like Cafe Beaudelaire and keep them in their fondest of memories during their time they were earning a degree. This award is not only the representation of the handwork and public love for Cafe Beaudelaire, it’s also the product of so many families that have worked their whole lives on the farms peppered throughout Iowa. The appreciation for this effort is how we can award all the folks that raised the cattle that produced what we all love. Delicious Iowa Beef.

iowa beef
We would like to thank everyone at the Iowa Beef Industry Council for teaming up with The Iowa Gallivant and giving us the exciting opportunity to write about Iowa’s Best Burger and this great Ames cafe. Brooke German was great to work with and we hope to see more Iowa Beef projects in the future!

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