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The Bowling Alley in Odebolt, IA (Sac Co)-The Western Iowa T-Bone Trail

*There wouldn’t be any gutter balls on this night in Sac County. We hit every split, gathered a few strikes and instead of a turkey we got a Ribeye! Our meal at the Bowling Alley was complimentary. The views expressed in this blog post are of our own. Now, let’s Gallivant!

Time for Odebolt to take us to school with a night at a one of a kind Bowling Alley! 401 South Des Moines Street

Odebolt, IA: Sac County

Northwest Iowa has a wide range of delightful places to eat at, and every county has plenty of reasons to stop and take pictures at the oodles of roadside attractions. There may not be a collection of communities that has more of these roadside pieces of Americana, per square mile, than Sac County. A whole day can be spent in this rural area of Western Iowa just discovering these road trip treasures. And if you’re going to tackle that adventure, then you’ll most likely work up an appetite. Make a stop into Odebolt for the Bowling Alley and you won’t have to worry if it’s league night, and you don’t even have to rent shoes!

Sometimes it’s best to get right into the hot tub when you show up to a shindig. That’s how I feel about the soup course at tasty restaurants. The Bowling Alley’s velvety cream of broccoli-cheese soup was telling me to take a slow ride on this Odebolt Gallivant. However, I just settled for cup rather than shimming into the soup pot like a hot tub. I should probably become a regular first before doing something like that. However, my crispy crackers took a nice dip into this cheesy soup. And I was eating my veggies again!
Salad bars are one of the many specialties at Western Iowa small-town steakhouses like the Bowling Alley in Odebolt. We’ve enjoyed many of them filled with fresh veggies and all the classic sides we love in a salad bar. Each restaurant always has their own personality, when it comes to their selections, and that rings true for The Bowling Alley. I tend to get almost teary eyed when I see a big’ol container of cottage cheese waiting for me to take a scoop. However, it’s time to move on from the salad course…
Thick-cut, charbroiled, dripping with well seasoned juices, and packed with an unmistakable beefy flavor. The Bowling Alley Ribeye and all its popular glory in Odebolt. Click on the video below and watch this beautiful steak become a Sac County star all over again!
This Ribeye looked prettier than knocking down a 7-10 split!

By now you can tell that the Bowling Alley doesn’t have the lanes anymore, but it’s turned into one of my favorite repurposing stories when it comes to popular restaurants. And why call it anything different from the Bowling Alley! The locals know exactly what it’s all about, and they’re spreading the word to visitors looking for a great meal. There’s still a kingpin in Odebolt, Iowa…It’s that amazing Ribeye that can be showing up to your table in Sac County! Let’s put in a few more frames….

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