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Rural Estherville Wine Haven You Can Cuddle Up To: Little Swan Lake Winery Bed & Breakfast

*A little sliver of Estherville’s outskirts stretches into one of the most popular counties in Iowa. It seems that every acre of Dickinson County has a place you can visit and see an unforgettable piece of NW-Iowa. Our stay at Little Swan Lake Winery was complimentary. The views expressed in this blog post are of our own. Now, let’s Gallivant!

Up the road from the town of Superior and just west of everything in Estherville is this off the beaten path destination in Western Iowa. 1350 320th Avenue 712-858-4592

Estherville, IA: Dickinson County

That’s right, folks! The County seat of Emmet claims a few miles of Dickinson’s territory inside this beautiful corridor of lakes and splendor in NW-Iowa. There’s plenty to see and do in the Okoboji communities, but there’s a whole lot more to discover and experience throughout the rural areas of Iowa’s premiere vacation destination. If you’re looking for a casual locale in a quiet countryside environment then look no further than Little Swan Lake Winery & Bed & Breakfast!

An old barn turned into a stunning getaway for travelers that want to see Iowa from the gravel roads. Nestled into the hilly and grassy pastures of NW-Iowa with wonder all around. They did an unbelievable job of restoring this classic symbol of farming with skillful and historic minded craftsmanship that makes this old barn look like it’s been a winery since it was first built.
Inside is Little Swan’s inventory of popular and award winning wines. Each lap around the showroom displays eyepopping bottles of their proud selection with many different varietals to choose from. How does that sound for your trip to a rural B&B? The bottom floor fully stocked with delicious wines for you to enjoy in your room and throughout the property!
Among the wines are plenty of gifts to take home or give to your besties and loved ones. A little memento from Little Swan Lake Winery that might last longer than what’s inside the bottles you added to your at-home collection.
Wonderfully decorated rooms that tower over the rural landscape your retreat is surrounded by at Little Swan Lake Winery.
And look at this wooden tub! There’s going to be some long days of exploring in this NW-Iowa region which means a hot bath can waiting for you during your own Gallivant.
There’s multiple levels of this masterful barn and this room was my absolute favorite. At the top is this relaxing den that can be enjoyed in a quiet manner or double as a perfect meeting point with your group or other guests to enjoy some great wine! Bust out the poker cards and put that telescope to good work!
Just outside of the top floor den is this impressive patio that overlooks the property at Little Swan Lake Winery. It provides a perfect observation deck for watching the clear Western Iowa skies with billions of stars looking right back at’ya.
From the patio you can see glimpses of the nearby lake and watch the bison mingle. It has the relaxing effect that a large aquarium would have, and the moments went pleasantly by each time I stepped onto this wooden structure.
At the other end of the patio is this view. Absolute Iowa splendor in all directions.
As you explore the entire barn you’ll find your own favorite levels and rooms. One of them is this little area to watch a movie or make some coffee while you unwind at Little Swan Lake Winery.
A bird’s eye view of the dining room of Little Swan Lake Winery. This is where you’ll enjoy your breakfast, listen to live music, and evenings filled with an occasional special event. Or plan your own!
This egg bake is just how I wanted to start the morning off, and in one bite I could tell how talented the cook was. This is a perk I’ll never turn down when staying at a B&B, and the folks at Little Swan Winery create a fantastic beginning to your day.
Take advantage of every moment you have at Little Swan Lake Winery. There is so much to discover through every square inch of the property. Breath in the country air and immerse yourself into these unforgettable surroundings.
One of the best sunsets I’ve ever observed in Western Iowa. Just a few seconds later, after snapping this picture, the bison roared by through the pasture. It gave me a look into the prairie days of Iowa even if it was just for a few moments. I will always be grateful for Little Swan Lake Winery for supplying this incredible scene and memory.

I am one of many-many people that automatically think of the entertaining lakeside communities when I hear someone mention Dickinson County. And for very good reason! Boji is at the top of the Iowa must-see list for countless vacationers and travers with all it provides, and there is a lot you can do and enjoy there. However, it feels great to know that there will always be some rural charm to this area. Little Swan Lake Winery has a incredibly unique B&B with an atmosphere that I haven’t seen matched in my travels throughout the state. The roar of bison running by, the sound of wine pouring, familiar hymns of surrounding wildlife, and those Western Iowa prairie breezes….All can be felt in a single moment just outside of Estherville at Little Swan Lake Winery.

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  1. Thank you for sharing this! Both Diane and Scott are very humble (and dear friends). Did you know that they both are pilots? They both play multiple instruments? Scott did the work in the barn himself…I bet they didn’t tell you. ; ) Diane sings and you can often see her in Community Theaters in the area? I hope you’ll stop back and share more about the owners, I know folks would find it interesting as well!

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