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The Shop Bar & Grill in Arcadia, IA (Carroll Co)-The Western Iowa T-Bone Trail

*The West Central counties of Western Iowa produce a lot of the state’s beef. It’s only natural that this area does steak night like true professionals. This was just one of several stops we made with Shelly Greving of Emerge Marketing Solutions, and she can host a Carroll County Gallivant in an unbelievable way! Our meal at The Shop Bar & Grill was complimentary. The views expressed in this blog post are of our own. Now, let’s Gallivant!

Lunch time with the Arcadia, Iowa locals and the folks who keep The Shop operating! 109 West Front Street

Arcadia, IA: Carroll County

Big Beef Country is what you can call the Western Iowa region and we at TIG can tell you, with incredible knowledge on the local restaurant scene, that this 36 county area is jam packed with amazing steaks. One of the places that takes great care of the local steak scene is The Shop Bar & Grill. Make some time for Arcadia, Iowa because you need to experience an expert on the char-broiler in Carroll County!

Whoa! I mean, WHOA! Look at this locally processed Ribeye glisten in the Carroll County afternoon! So juicy the beer neons reflected off this beefy plate of bliss from The Shop Bar & Grill. Click on the video below and watch how this superstar does on camera! I’m talking about the steak….
Bring on that amazing steak any day, Carroll County! The Shop Bar & Grill creates an entertaining atmosphere and they deliver on their reputation for having delicious food. Absolutely wonderful Ribeye with every juicy bite!
Let’s take a look on the inside! Cooked just right and brought to you by some hardworking folks directly across the street from The Shop. Whaaaaaaat! Yup! This mid-afternoon steaky sensation was cut and packed by some very handy meat lovers too.
Arcadia Meats is a long time family owned institution in Carroll County. They stay very busy and produce top quality meats year after year, and it was exciting to experience what they do in a special way at The Shop. Pack a cooler when you get to Arcadia because this town can keep you fed for days after you have a fantastic meal at The Shop!
Didn’t bring your toolbox? The Shop Bar & Grill has all of us covered who show up to the job site in need of assistance from the pros.

We don’t get the chance to have a delicious Ribeye for lunch everyday, so it’s best to take advantage of the opportunity when it arrives. Especially when a restaurant can work so closely with the local meat cutters who equally take pride in their product and community. Make your getaways happen in small towns all over Iowa and make sure many of them include trips into Western Iowa and Carroll County. Your visit to Arcadia will be a day at The Shop you’ll enjoy!

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