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A Dream Home Turned Guesthouse in Adair Near Iowa’s White Pole Road

*Iowa’s byways are known for unique scenery on their endless miles of roads throughout the entire state. In the communities that these historic paths go through are the stories of countless locals and their beloved businesses and homes. Sometimes those two things go hand in hand. Our stay at the Fett Guesthouse was complimentary. The views expressed in this blog post are of our own. Now, let’s Gallivant!

One of the many ports on the White Pole Road Scenic Byway is the town of Adair. And the Fett family is ready to host its visitors. 501 Broad Street

Adair, IA: Adair County

Marvin and JoAnn Fett knocked on the door of their own house and waited patiently at the back door. It may have not been their actual residence but it was their castle nonetheless. It’s their ambition to see this property thrive and make people happy which in return makes them enjoy their guesthouse that much more. I met them at the door and then welcomed’em into the dining room where I could see and experience the hardworking pride they had for the Fett Guesthouse, and the town it resides in.

A story of moving an entire building, no matter the size, is always an intriguing one. The future Fett Guesthouse was repositioned onto Adair’s Broad Street and the renovations would begin soon thereafter.
Beautiful furniture, pictures, and modern touches intertwine with original woodwork and design. The Fett House is completely renovated and still keeps the era of early 20th century rural Iowa alive.
And when I say, modern I really mean it. Yes, it’s a very old house, but the kitchen is one of the most noticeable updates in the Fett’s kitchen with all its gleaming appliances! This would be a very welcoming site to see if you’re hosting a gathering in Adair.
A large living room and flat screen TV to put the game on while you entertain your guests at the Fett Guesthouse. Or turn on some music and create a little magical ambiance in Adair. Or turn it off and talk to each other! I will need updates on the Cubs score though….
More of that Fett Guesthouse woodwork that I was talking about earlier. Sliding your hand past the banister, hearing the stairs guiding you to each floor, and being able to catch the aroma of this guesthouse’s history.
Multiple bedrooms on the top floor and one on the bottom floor. All with their own designs, bedding, and personality. The Fett family does a wonderful job of maintaining every square inch of this guesthouse and their cleaning service does an amazing job of keeping the property sparkling and comfortable. Look at those beautiful floors!
Bathrooms on each level including this one on the bottom floor. Once again, very clean with plenty of hot water, standup shower, a lot of fresh towels, and a washer and dryer for that extended stay you might be on. Or getting all those swimsuits washed after a day at nearby Lake Panorama!
The front porch of the Fett Guesthouse is a perfect spot to observe small-town SW-Iowa roll on by. Soak up the sun and then gaze upon the clear starry nights in Adair.

We always look at the long list of sites, places to see, and things to do when getaways get planned. I urge every to keep that habit, but also start enjoying what’s right outside the front door of amazing lodging opportunities like this. Walking distance from the Fett Guesthouse is a wonderful park that can also accommodate campers and RVs. Just across the nearby historic bridge are restaurants, ice cream, pizza, and legendary burgers with all of it in walking distance from the Fett Guesthouse. All this with the rest of Adair, White Pole Road Scenic Byway, Greenfield, Guthrie County, and Des Moines just to the east on I-80. However, that front porch on Broad Street-Adair might be all the vacation you need.

Meet, Marvin & JoAnn…Your hosts at the Fett Guesthouse and wonderful ambassadors for the area. Make your reservations by calling 641-740-0659 or 712-249-0206. These are great folks!
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