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The Purple Door in Harlan, IA (Shelby Co)-The Western Iowa T-Bone Trail

*One of Iowa’s great food destinations is Shelby County and the town square in Harlan is the center of culinary universe in this Western Iowa hotbed of fantastic food. Our meal at The Purple Door was complimentary. The views expressed in this blog post are of our own. Now, let’s Gallivant!

This was just a sample of the Shelby County crew that joined us for supper and all day long! The Purple Door in Harlan is one of those shining restaurants that’s making this county a premier destination for food lovers! 622 Market Street

Harlan, IA: Shelby County

Elk Horn, Panama, Earling, Harlan, and more communities throughout Shelby County are helping to create an experience that gets travelers to plan road trips around mealtimes while keeping us road trippers hungry for more. One of those tasty locales is on the entertaining town square of Harlan and it has a special way of keep the door opening for eager customers. Let’s see what we can find at The Purple Door!

One of the beefiest appetizers we had during the inaugural T-Bone Trail! Crispy French fries that’re loaded with melted cheese, beef tips, rich gravy, and chopped green onion. That’s the beginning to a meal that’s made in T-Bone Trail heaven!
A Southern staple that can be enjoyed in Western Iowa thanks to The Purple Door in Harlan. Fried green tomatoes!
When your mom tells you to eat your bacon, but you really want your veggies too. Just order the Brussels sprouts app at The Purple Door! It’s just how I was raised…

The food just kept showing up in Harlan at The Purple Door, and they knew how to keep the beverages refilled and refreshed! Beers, cocktails, and cold soft drinks all around to go with our meals before the entrees showed up and after…..

The Purple Door piles on the fillings when it comes to their fish tacos. Like I always say, when it comes to tacos, it’s Tuesday somewhere!
Seafood selections a-plenty! Just take a long look at this grilled salmon! The Purple Door has some very talented cooks and that includes the wizard on the char-broiler! But what’s that steak I’m hearing about…..
Another sizzling T-Bone on the T-Bone Trail! Look at that wonderful seasoning just popping on its surface! Juicy, tender, cooked perfectly, and paired with beautiful grilled veggies. This was the steak we came to Shelby County for! Click on the video below and see what we loved at The Purple Door!
Drinks, appetizers, juicy steaks, tacos, seafood! And that’s not all….
Say cheesecake, Western Iowa! Rich and creamy with just the right amount of sweetness you like in this dessert.
And then the chocolate quite literally started pouring at The Purple Door. It created some big smiles for everyone enjoying the dessert course in Harlan, Iowa!

It’s always a good time when you have a crew of locals enjoying a steak supper with you. And the Shelby County faithful showed how proud they were of the entire area and Western Iowa during our Gallivant to this delicious patchwork of great communities. Western Skies Scenic Byway, the Danish Villages, unforgettable roadside attractions, wonderful museums, and beautiful meals through The Purple Door of on one of Iowa’s most memorable town squares and beyond! I’d like another helping of Shelby County any day.

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  2. Here at The Purple Door we’re all excited and thankful for your great review. Thank you from the bottom of our heart.

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