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Pioneers Pub & Grub in Casey, IA (Guthrie Co)-The Western Iowa T-Bone Trail

*Iowa’s historic and scenic byways can produce countless stops during that historic and scenic road trip you’re enjoying. White Pole Road has a fantastic amount of opportunities to make your explorations delicious as well! Our meal at Pioneers Pub & Grub was complimentary. The views expressed in this blog post are of our own. Now, let’s Gallivant!

Small town Iowa makes it back on TIG and we were proud to find another amazing family of locals that can make their community a fun and memorable one here in Casey! 618 McPherson Street 641-746-3313

Casey, IA: Guthrie County

I don’t need any specific reasons to get the wheels turning down one of Iowa’s byways. They’re all unique and go through off the beaten path twists and turns within every region of the state. That’s our specialty right there, and so is discovering small towns everywhere. Casey, Iowa showed up on the inaugural Western Iowa T-Bone Trail and with it came Pioneers Pub & Grub!

The greetings were coming in early and often at Pioneer’s Pub & Grub. We met most of the amazing crew, on this busy night, and they kept the good times rolling in Casey!
Appetizers are here! Huge chicken wings and taters that twist and turn like your road trip on White Pole Road!
One of the greatest sites on the Western Iowa T-Bone Trail during many of our stops….A wonderful salad bar with house-made delights to get the evening started!
You knew a steak was on the way and we happened to walk into Pioneers Pub & Grub on Prime Rib night!
That is a picture of pure bliss. I was so grateful to be holding up this plate of slow cooked Prime Rib, homemade mashed potatoes, buttery Texas toast, and rich au jus! Click on the video below see our video from Pioneers Pub & Grub!
Bring the Prime Rib on Casey, Iowa!
There’s some great Iowa beers available and a full bar with very talented barkeeps that mix incredible cocktails at Pioneers Pub & Grub!
We had a wonderful time with everyone that makes Pioneers Pub & Grub such a memorable destination on White Pole Road. We’d love to bring those smiles of ours back to Casey and see all of yours again!

We traveled through many miles of hilly Guthrie County and took in scenery I’d never seen before in this area. A long day at the lake, traveling the byway, and exploring rural gravel roads yielded a Gallivant to Casey with a group of folks that want to see this little town soar. Pioneers Pub & Grub had great food and wonderful ambassadors in this historic community and did an amazing job of hosting. That makes a Prime Rib special even better, Casey nation!

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