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Get the Family in the Car & Into the Pool: AmericInn-Algona

*Oh give me a home…where the Algona good times roam….I don’t know where I’m going with this. Let’s just get to the getaway that you and your family needs and pronto! Our stay at AmericInn-Algona was complimentary. The views expressed in this blog post are of our own. Now, let’s Gallivant!

A hop, skip, and a jump away from all of Algona! 600 US-18 515-295-3333

Algona, IA: Kossuth County

The greatest moment you can have as a traveler is the moment you know you’re going to have a comfortable room for the night. It may sound like an obvious thing to say but it’s absolutely that simple when you’ve been on the road for days. We’ve had a great run with AmericInn & Suites and that includes this one in Algona!

Make yourself at home when you get to the Algona AmericInn and start that little getaway and right away!
The staff does a wonderful job here at the AmericInn-Algona. The beds are nice and soft with clean sheets. This is all well and good, but there’s another and more active reason for checking in at this hotel…
It was less than 30 minutes from receiving our key cards at the front desk to putting on our swimwear and jumping into the pool! It’s a long winter and this can seem like a warm oasis.
Back in the room and the flat screen TV was putting in some hard work. Crystal clear and it features one of my favorite views in the world of entertainment centers. That’s clicking through the channels from my comfy bed!
Need a little more space? Have the family meet-up around the TV in the lobby. Order a pizza, bust out those cold sodas, and gather around while you’re enjoying your stay in Algona! You’ll have another place to meet-up hours later in the morning…
Sometimes it’s worth getting away for the weekend when you don’t have to worry about cooking. The AmericInn-Algona has that classic complimentary breakfast that’s offered nice and hot everyday.
One of those breakfast perks is the pancake maker that your kids are going to love. Well, this here Papa Bear loved it too! If you think it’s hypnotic to observe a fish tank, wait until you get one of these daddies revved up!
When syrup, butter, batter, and Algona colinde. You get a big smile like this at AmericInn!
And this will surely make the coffee lovers happy. AmericInn hotels everywhere keep the fresh coffee full and hot, and that includes this location in Algona, Iowa!
Oh, hey AmericInn…Mind if we get a selfie together before we leave? 1…2….3…Say, ALGONA!

Don’t wait until the Iowa heat index starts to move upwards before heading to the pool. Your inner weekend warrior needs a day or so of unwinding and Algona is good place to make happen. The swimsuits need attention too, and you know there’s hours and hours of built up energy that’s ready to burst out of those kids. Head to this city in NW-Iowa to get a simple and enjoyable getaway happen this winter. And then get more planned for the rest of the year!

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Pool, warm room, big’ol complimentary breakfast, great staff, and plenty of Algona, Iowa options to keep anyone entertained. Wineries, great restaurants, one of the greatest pet stores ever, only in Iowa museums, and all around good times in Iowa’s biggest County. Then there’s aged steaks, delicious Chinese food, local beer….

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