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The Prime Rib in Spencer, IA (Clay Co): The Western Iowa T-Bone Trail

*Clay County is where you’ll find “The World’s Greatest County Fair” that’s held every September. But you don’t have to wait until then to visit! Our meal at The Prime Rib was complimentary. The views expressed in this blog post are of our own. Now, let’s Gallivant!

Located on the south end of Spencer’s iconic main drag and next to some convenient lodging that feels like it’s right next door! 1205 South Grand Ave 712-262-4625

Spencer, IA: Clay County

The classic supper clubs of the Midwest can be found in regions where there’s a concentration of this iconic concept that keeps the fine dining ambiance alive for their valued regulars and every group of customers that get settled in. Then there’s the supper clubs that have that legendary destination-restaurant feel that may spark a road trip just for their historically great food. You can put The Prime Rib in Spencer, Iowa on that list! This local favorite, with its awesome menu that’s mixed with an atmosphere that’s been hosting food and cocktail lovers for decades, was ready to shine on the inaugural Western Iowa T-Bone Trail!

Big and beautiful beers! Ice cold and my favorite introduction to a great meal that’s on it’s way. How about that smile!
Appetizers cometh! The Prime Rib has something offered that you don’t see in every restaurant. Fried walleye cheeks and they were amazing! Lightly bartered with a natural buttery flavor and delicate texture. Seafood cheeks are some of the best cuts you can have on many varieties of fish and The Prime Rib in Spencer knows it. This was by far one of THEE BEST appetizers we were served on inaugural The T-Bone Trial!
Then it was salad bar time! More seafood made an appearance like shrimp cocktail and pickled herring on crisp lettuce and fresh veggies. The Prime Rib features homemade side salads and wonderful dressings to give that plate some classic salad bar heft on the way back to your table at The Prime Rib!
It was prime time at The Prime Rib! The thick-cut and slow cooked Prime Rib was served Oscar-style and it adds a huge amount of flavor with every juicy bite. Each cut you make into this marvelous slice of flavorful beef was met with a forkful of hollandaise sauce, asparagus, and crab meat that will fill you up with pure joy over here in Spencer!
The steaks aren’t the only selections you can order with extra deliciousness. Get those mashed potatoes loaded with melted cheese, crispy bacon, and fresh green onion! What a meal this was….Click on the video below and get another peek at what you can devour at The Prime Rib in Spencer, Iowa!
There’s a lot to love about The Prime Rib….And this Prime Rib!

You have coordinates for a date night haven that is The Prime Rib. So much to enjoy while you’re here and that includes the friendly hard working staff and the wonderful owners who exude so much pride for this famous Spencer, Iowa establishment. I marveled during every moment at The Prime Rib from the second I was greeted, to the company I had with me at the table, the trip to its glorious salad bar, knocking back the refreshing glasses of cold beer, and digging into the massive meal that was carefully prepared by the kitchen staff. Institutions like The Prime Rib need to be experienced and I’d happily plan another Gallivant to Clay County that’s centered around this great restaurant again. Pass the pickled herring!

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