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Let the Waffles Heat Up the Morning & the Cannonballs Fly in the Pool: AmericInn & Suites-Humboldt, IA

*There’s plenty of ways to stay active and enjoy small town comfort inside modern facilities. We’re talking about Humboldt, Iowa and this city is ready for your wintery getaway! Our stay at AmericInn & Suites-Humboldt was complimentary. The views expressed in this blog post are of our own. Now, let’s Gallivant!

You know there’s going be some long winter days ahead. Let’s spend a few of them in NW-Iowa and enjoy the Humboldt hospitality! 307 13th Street North 516-604-5000

Humboldt, IA: Humboldt County

The kids are getting tons of screen time, your washer and dryer is racking up the miles, you lost track of what day it is, and all of a sudden it’s supper time. One thing you know for sure is that it’s still winter and it will be for many weeks ahead. Let’s take a couple days and have someone else do the cooking, make the beds, and have the whole family get some much needed energy out. Time for complimentary breakfast, swimming pool, cold beers, and a wonderful staff at AmericInn & Suites-Humboldt, Iowa!

Let the NW-Iowa sunlight fill your Humboldt rooms and start with the relaxing. Wonderful beds, flat screen TV, desk, microwave, coffee maker, hot showers with a tub, and cozy conditions in your room at the AmericInn!
Don’t forget the swimwear! Goggle-up and get to know the AmericInn’s pool. The kids will love all the hours spent here and you’ll enjoy seeing them splash their way through the getaway.
And for the rest of you grownups….Get to working out! You need to get some energy out too, and AmericInn-Humboldt has plenty of options to get that sweat going and muscles flexing while you’re on the road!
There’s nothing better than refueling whenever you want. AmericInn-Humboldt loves to keep the guests stopping by the lobby and grabbing a cup of fresh coffee.
Or maybe you have another beverage in mind when it comes to kicking back during your stay. AmericInn-Humboldt has a good selection of beer and wine including some Iowa craft bees like Exile from Des Moines!

I’ll always find a reason to travel and spend time in comfortable conditions, and without having to do the daily chores will always be one of the biggest perks. Humboldt also has plenty of dining options that are just a very short drive away. You can even take the family to Sundance Lanes that’s right next door to the AmericInn! Get some shopping done, enjoy restaurants you’ve never been to, and see a NW-Iowa community that loves its visitors.

The morning will arrive and your appetite with it. AmericInn-Humboldt has a great complimentary breakfast with plenty of options for everyone. Hot biscuits and gravy, waffles made fresh, cold cereal, and tons of coffee! I know my kids love these breakfast nooks and always enjoy waking up to seeing them nice and stocked. AmericInn’s crew does one heck of a job of making breakfast and keeping it all filled. Another job well done and another traveling family with full breakfast bellies at AmericInn-Humboldt!
The lobby has some comfy furniture so kickback and get some good reading done. Thank you, AmericInn!

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