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The Golden Pheasant in Remsen, IA (Plymouth Co): The Western Iowa T-Bone Trail

*If you’ve been keeping up with The Iowa Gallivant then you’ll notice that Northwest Iowa is a constant theme for us. For very good reasons because the food is amazing in this region! Our meal at the Golden Pheasant was complimentary. The views expressed in this blog post are of our own. Now, let’s Gallivant!

The rural locales of Western Iowa pop-up like wild flowers through the prairie. You just gotta stop and love’em for as long as you can because who knows when you’ll be back to that same spot. I took in Remsen’s Golden Pheasant the same way I’d spend a summertime afternoon on a random country road. 44028 IA HWY 3 712-786-9455

Remsen, IA: Plymouth County

Plymouth County is one of the biggest in Iowa and it’s loaded with great NW-Iowa restaurants. One of the rural towns is Remsen and they have a local legend known as the Golden Pheasant and it’s been serving magical steaks for generations. I was lucky enough to have one of the biggest Ribeyes we witnessed in the inaugural T-Bone Trail, and it was 32oz of juicy charbroiled beef I’ll never forget!

I wanted to give this sign a giant bear hug when I saw it. All of those wonderful things listed is exactly what my wife whispers in my ear when we slow dance.
The illustrious concept that is the salad bar. So many great ones in Western Iowa, and the Golden Pheasant has a fantastic selection. I’ll need that pepper shaker at the ready on my side of the table when there’s copious amounts of cottage cheese involved.
Then there was the moment I was introduced to my new best friend in Remsen. Cooked to a phenomenal medium-rare and unbelievably juicy. Click on the video below and see this 32oz bone-in Ribeye in action!
That’s a 320z headliner that was born for Remsen stardom!
A wonderful evening at the Golden Pheasant made even more memorable with wonderful hosts. A huge thanks to everyone we met here! The entire crew, from the back of the house to the front of the house, was amazing!

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