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Rudy’s in Farnhamville, IA (Calhoun Co): The Western Iowa T-Bone Trail

*Follow the T-Bone Trail through its Western Iowa reaches and you’ll find unique locals that have helped put a shine on their communities. Farnhamville and it’s proud restaurant is one of those inspiring small town destinations we’ll never forget. Our meal at Rudy’s was complimentary. The views expressed in this blog post are of our own. Now, let’s Gallivant!

Two incredible important structures in this picture. Farnhamville’s water tower that’s overlooking its local restaurant and bar! 230 Garfield Ave 515-544-3400

Farnhamville, IA: Calhoun County

The population is around 400 souls in this rural Calhoun County town and boy do they know how pack a restaurant! And it wasn’t all locals trickling into Rudy’s on this evening. Visitors from the area and beyond joined us and that included our friends Pat and Becky who traveled in from Hampton, Iowa to get their first taste of this new Farnhamville establishment. It’s one of the great gatherings we had in Western Iowa and there was so much take in!

Now, look at this table! Family and friends of Chef Kendall and now they’re some of our new NW-Iowa buddies. I don’t ever get tired of saying that.
And here’s some of the talented kitchen crew that would be creating epicurean delights at Rudy’s on this night. Saddle up, folks!
One of the largest baskets of cheese balls that’s ever been presented to a table I’ve been at. Served blazing hot and oh’so cheesy!
We were here to showcase the Ribeyes, but Rudy’s has plenty of selections on their menu that can share the spotlight. One of them is their meaty pulled pork sandwich and it put a little oink in the T-Bone Trail!

The customers were excited to see this promotion find its way to Farnhamville and they were eager to celebrate the success of Rudy’s and its energetic staff that keep it humming. Click on the video below and see the welcoming party at Rudy’s!

Trust the process, keep your eye on the broiler, and execute a professionally prepared Ribeye. Always a Rudy’s and Chef Kendall specialty!
Kendall’s mix of spices creates a unique flavor to their Ribeyes that you can only experience here in Farnhamville. This is a truly very talented congregation of cooks making these magnificent meals happen.
If there’s one thing I found out about Western Iowa is that it’s the land of endless hash browns. Rudy’s is very much a part of this regional craze and they have some of the best you’re going to get!
The Rudy’s crew brings in fresh veggies that are also prepared with house made seasoning blends and then delicately presented.
Fresh baby arugula, summer squash, tender mushrooms, and all of it served over sweet pea purée. This is just one of many ways that Rudy’s features seasonal flavors.

Make Farnhamville your heading someday and go see what this Le Cordon Bleu chef is creating with the rest of the staff at Rudy’s. I’m thrilled that Kendall made it back to Iowa and opened a restaurant in a little Calhoun County town. This style of cooking and combination of beautiful flavors is another irresistible prize of NW-Iowa. Keep it up, Rudy’s, and keep that inspiration as the special everyday!

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