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2018 Preview of Projects on The Iowa Gallivant

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We’ve written articles in 71 of 99 Iowa counties since we began in 2014 and we’ll be busting out the highlighter all year long. Plus, I’m wicked good at coloring!

Like the Whack-A-Mole game, we start one project on The Iowa Gallivant, and another one comes popping up. That is a good thing, and fresh ideas and goals keep the Gallivant Nation interested and rearing to read about another Team Goodvin adventure. Here’s our preview and don’t forget that we need your suggestions. Keep us on the road and we’ll keep exploring our homeland more and more!

Iowa’s Wurst Road Trip: Casing the State for the Best Sausage

Now, I know it’s not good to pick favorites on certain things, but I’m telling you that this could be a strong contender. Give us your Wurst, Iowa! Where’s the best locker, butcher and sausage in the state? We’ve already hit-up markets in West Bend and Osage and we’re not slowing down! This is the perfect segue for our next project….

Ethnic Iowa: Our Rich Heritage and the Current Families Building On It

We’ve seen an unbelievable amount of history in our Iowa travels, and some amazing folks that are making a positive impact on shaping the Hawkeye State’s future. Old world settlers like the Dutch of Orange City, the Norse of Decorah, America’s oldest Mosque in Cedar rapids, the Swedes of Swedesburg, Meskwaki of Tama County and more of our country’s culture of pioneering and community building. We’ll also feature some of the more modern generations that have made Iowa their new home. Such as the Burmese of Columbus Junction, Ethiopian families in the Quad Cities, Bosnians of Waterloo, Vietnamese in the Iowa City area and the growing Hispanic base in West Liberty just to mention a few. We’re expecting incredible stories, food, art, history and a bevy of international and local pride. This has yet to start and we can’t wait to get it going!

Buy Iowa: Local Companies, Growers, Producers and Products That Thrive In Iowa

You can say that we’ve started this project from the get-go back in 2014. Supporting Iowa’s businesses and products is something we do as much as possible in our family’s daily life and travels. Let’s have more focus on these leaders and showcase them even more in 2018!

Potluck Crashing

What’s more Iowan than the classic potluck!?! Our first crash was last month at an annual soup supper in Forest City and it was the perfect beginning to what we know will be a tasty tour. Don’t think its going to be all mayonnaise based, crock-pot surprises, bubbly casseroles and salads loaded with marshmallows (Which are all AWESOME). We’ll also be searching for the smelt fries, pop-up farm to fork events and whatever we can find that gives us a whole lot of Iowa flavor. One dish to share at a time.

Rediscovering the All American Motel

Our culture of classic road trips on America’s open roads wouldn’t be complete without some stories from the motels that lodged us. We’re rediscovering and getting back to some of Iowa’s iconic motels that are loaded with history.

99 Proposals in 99 Counties

This one will take years and that’s just what we have planned for us. I’m going to be popping the big question to my wife, Monie, 99 times over until we’ve renewed the moment in each of Iowa’s counties. So far we have Palo Alto and Worth in the books. Only 97 to go!

Scouting RAGBRAI-2018

We’re proud to be working with RAGBRAI for the fourth year of previewing the exciting overnight towns on the route! Stay tuned as we make our plans after the big announcement in late January!

Well, there’s a sample of the work we need to get moving on. “Work”? I’m holding on to this gig for a long time. See you around, Iowa!

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