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99 Counties-99 Proposals: Moment #2 in Worth County

You can’t travel well without a great place to stay at. Thank you to the whole crew at Holiday Inn Express & Suites in Northwood! (Photo from IHG website)

You ready to win it big? Clear off the poker table because here comes The Iowa Gallivant!

worth 4
Something tells me I’m not the only one that has this idea. Having an incredible night at the Top of Iowa that is!

Northwood, IA: Worth County

It was a weekend in North Iowa and we covered an incredible amount of miles. We discovered many restaurants, attractions, events and all around Christmas cheer. If there’s anything I love about our travel blog is how we’ve kept true to our original mission. This has been a family project from the get-go and what’s a better way to honor our family? How about surprising my wife with a new proposal in each county! We got married at the Bellagio in Vegas, so its own fitting that I pop the big question again at a casino.

worth 5
“I’m just going to play the slots for awhile….Don’t wait up for me.” 14 hours later…..

There’s a couple rules to this bucket list I set for myself. No warning to Monie when I’m  going to attempt another proposal and my gift MUST be purchased in the very county I’m doing it in. And thankfully there was a great gift shop at the Top of Iowa Welcome Center with Iowa-made crafts, artwork, products and jewelry. And one very special necklace.

I asked for a picture by the tree and the next thing you know we’re both grinning from ear to ear. I love my wife and I can tell you with all honesty that this is my favorite project I’ve ever thought of. 2 counties down and 97 to go. Better check out the first of 99 proposals from Palo Alto County by clicking here. And follow us on all our adventures including this one. I love you, Monie!

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