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Drifting on the Driftless-S&S Houseboats

S&S Houseboat Rentals welcomed us into one of the most beautiful regions in Iowa and anywhere on the Mississippi River. Our stay here was complementary and the opinions expressed in this article are of our own.

Lansing, IA: Allamakee County

You know you’re thinking about the summer, and why shouldn’t you!?! Iowa has been experiencing a winter cold spell that’s been a long time coming and you’re among a lot of friends who is thinking those sunny days in the 90’s, 80’s….70’s? I’d take a balmy 22 degrees right now as I write this. So, lets get moving on what we want make happen two seasons from now. Let’s go houseboatn’!

First of all, don’t leave Lansing without taking a trip in and around the amazing Mississippi River scenery. We got quite the tour on one of their pontoons and we were shown secluded islands, wetlands, swimming holes and bird watching. The natural wildlife kept an eye on us the entire afternoon and left us with an experience we knew we could only get in Lansing, Iowa. Now let’s get back to that houseboat!

Look at that space you have in S&S Houseboats! Couches, flat screen TVs, dinning area, bathrooms, and fully equipped galley. How’s the sleeping arrangements? I think you’ll like them!

How does plentiful and comfortable sound? Two floors of bedrooms with plenty of room and the rocking of the great river to put you to sleep. And after a long sun soaked day in Allamakee County, you’ll want that restful night on the Mississippi’s Driftless Area.


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