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Now That Was a Tasty Town Square!

Indianola, IA: Warren County

Let’s get right into this. We arrived to Indianola, fresh from a 4 hour drive, and we were ready to tackle every inch of their historic town square. When The Iowa Gallivant needs an exceptional local meal we ask a couple of exceptional locals. And folks who know how to pour a mean cherry phosphate. You heard that…..The made-from-scratch soda that’s loaded with fizz and sweetness and supplies a refreshing quencher to any stroll around a good ole fashion Iowa town square. The Corner Sundry poured us all tall one and we slammed it down. Our dinner destination was right next door!

Homemade pizza dough with incredible ingredients, supremely poured Moscow Mules and Iowa craft beers, all served by an energetic group working the tables….Where do we sign up!?! At the Brickhouse Tavern, that’s where! We realized we hadn’t housed a calzone in many moons and their’s was calling our name. We went with our trusty server on his suggestion and ordered up the Northsider calzone. Hot oven perfected with Italian sausage, pepperoni, Canadian bacon, and beef. And let’s not forget some house-made onion rings that always has that certain sweet spot of mine satisfied. The outstanding experience left us full and ready for a great night sleep at a nearby corn crib….What?

*Our stay here was complimentary. The opinions expressed on this blog post are of our own.

The Corn Crib B&B is one of the most memorable places we’ve ever stayed at and we hope you get this on your bucket list. A once dilapidated farm building turned into a fully renovated B&B that supplied a relaxing evening for us travelers. Please click here to see their website and get this crib booked!

The morning came and we knew we had to do more exploring on the town square. The first local we saw pointed us to a place that may have the best breakfast sandwich and homemade biscuits in all of Iowa. Mishmash Eats found their way into our Best Between Bread series and could be representing Indianola as a champion when we crown a champion in December. One bite of their biscuits and you’ll know why Mishmash Eats is a true contender.

The baked didn’t stop with breakfast. Just a few doors down was Sweet 103 Bakery & Sweet Shop with fresh bread and pastries ready for anyone gallivanting their way through Indianola. Hey, like us!

Our first trip to Indianola was incredibly fulfilling and we gathered in some great ideas to get us back to Warren County. Wineries, distilleries, music festivals, and even more to this great area than we could possibly pack into a short stay. Sounds like we’ll need a long weekend later this year and dive in to more of Indianola. Keep the calzones hot, and the biscuits coming because The Iowa Gallivant is heading back!

8 thoughts on “Now That Was a Tasty Town Square!

  1. You’ll have to check out Pete’s Pizza, also on the square with an incredible atmosphere, and the Outside Scoop for dessert, homemade ice cream to die for!

  2. You also forgot to try Winns Pizza & Steakhouse on the north side of the square! Great pizza and gyros! You go in as a stranger and leave as a friend!

      1. And don’t miss Funaros Deli on the NW corner of the square. Fabulous soup sandwiches and homemade danish every morning. A Must!

  3. Indianola is sweet, but there’s plenty in the county to take in. Are you just interested in the food scene, or the best shops and small independents around the area, too?

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