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A Night In Iowa’s Most Beautiful Corn Crib…You Heard That Right

Just a short drive from Des Moines is a rural B&B that has its own take on luxury. Move over Kanye…Indianola has the crib of the century! 1301 South K Street *Our stay here was complimentary. All the opinions expressed on this post are of our own. Now, let’s Gallivant!

Indianola, IA: Warren County (Our 44th County!)

Tell me if you’ve heard this story before. An old corn crib on the outskirts of town is starting to roll off its foundation and crumble down a hill in a cow pasture. Just another side affect of an aging building that has long served its purpose. Let gravity take its course and watch the slow deterioration of once fully functional centerpiece of a working farm or take the backhoe to it and invite the neighbors over for a bonfire. Or perhaps there’s something else that comes to mind. How about turning it into one of the most unique cabins anywhere in Iowa? It’s time to get your reservation set for Indianola’s Corn Crib Bed & Breakfast!

The Till family took over the property and envisioned something they could share with travelers and giving Indianola something you can only find there. Tyler, one of the owners of The Corn Crib, works on the property and knew there was more potential in the fully renovated storage barn. Rather than use it as an office, they made it into a premiere lodging destination.

You’re on your way to the Des Moines area and you’re checking out all the hotels in the area. You have points here you have points there. Do I want to be close to downtown or shopping? I say do all of that and then turn your car south, head to Warren County ,and expand your vacation time into an area that’s loaded with great destinations that help you unwind and relax. And the hardwood floors, comfortable furniture, and cozy atmosphere of The Corn Crib are the perfect way to kickback. I mean look at the guy on the couch. That’s the “get me to the B&B immediately because I just got done driving 4 hours in the snow” pose. It’s very similar to the “I just got done visiting two wineries and a couple distilleries and I need a couch, please” pose. Which Warren County has by the way.

The Corn Crib offers a nice kitchen to whip a classic meal of your making and plenty of places to safely crash the night away. A total of five beds and plenty of space for an unforgettable stay with plenty of Iowa scenery on the back porch.

It’s never too cold to enjoy a trip to the hammock.

This was the first of many welcomes we received in Indianola over the next couple of days. The Corn Crib is a discovery worth making and let it be the motor for you to explore another great part of Iowa. That hammock has a lot more miles left on it and you may not find another place like this anywhere else. So lets get those plans made and stay tuned to The Iowa Gallivant for more about Indianola!

And a huge thank you to…..

To the Till family for hosting us at their  unforgettable B&B. A retreat fit for every season!
To the Indianola Chamber of Commerce for coordinating our visit. We can’t wait to be back!

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  1. This is amazing , I was wondering what do you do when someone is living in a historic home can it get protected from being torn down ? Right now someone is living in my husbands great grandmothers home i believe built in 1880 at 806 Howard st . Where his great grandmother Sophia E Liston painted with Mr. George Washington Carver , I was hoping one day we would be able to buy it but someone lives in it right now i am hoping it will never get torn down …

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