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The Gift of the Kingsley Inn: Sip & Snooze Grownup Getaway in Fort Madison, Iowa

We’ve made several trips to the extreme southeast corner of Iowa, and some of the best times have been during our grownup getaways. Always a great way to enjoy this state anytime of year in these Mississippi River communities!

Fort Madison, Iowa: Lee County

My wife and I get excited about weekends when we can park the car, check-in, and roam a community on foot from there. Fort Madison has been a steady go-to for that concept over the years, and we look forward to more of these opportunities. Let’s check-in with an old friend!


*Chi and the team at the Kingsley Inn welcomed us back into Fort Madison and we couldn’t wait to see our room! Our accommodations were complimentary and the views expressed in this blog post are of our own. Now, let’s gallivant the Kingsley Inn once again!

Overlooking the Mississippi River is this historic hotel that’s making some positive waves in Fort Madison! 707 Avenue H 319-372-2144
The festive lobby of the Kingsley Inn is always ready to welcome its guests.
Chewy is the true hero of this hotel! We’ve come to love this little guy and he’s been keeping us company at the Kingsley Inn for years!
Room 212 was our room for this round in Fort Madison, and that king sized bed was as comfortable as it looks.
Inside our room was a large flat screen TV and a fireplace to keep it all wonderfully warm.
The bedroom was inviting and so was the kitchen! Everything you need to cook a meal and plenty of space to mix beverages for your own guests at the Kingsley Inn!
Here’s another large perk of room #212. A big hot tub to keep you occupied in a bubbly bath after a big day of gallivanting!
A great view from the hot tub…TV, fireplace and some champagne we picked up down the street. The Kingsley Inn knows how to keep you comfortable and wishing the getaways would last a lot longer.
Just down the hall of our room are the areas open to all the guests. Plush couches and plenty of games to keep everyone occupied during your stay.
Gather around the poker table and get a wicked game of Uno going with your rivals! Look at that face…No way he’s bluffing!
The Kingsley Inn is memorable from the bottom floor to the top! This is the classic photo-op you gotta take!
Complimentary breakfast is offered in countless hotels around the country. However, you don’t always get to enjoy one in a setting like this. Historic setting with the ever present Mississippi River rolling on by with its classic barges and railroad staying busy.

Our Kingsley Inn adventures have been some of our most cherished throughout our travels in the Midwest. The staff is always incredible, and we’ve gotten to know much of these hard workers quite well. Our room was perfect and the warmth it provided was exactly the kind of ambiance we needed. The Mississippi River and railroad history will forever be the enduring quintessential aspects of this Iowa community, and we love how they’re both nearby. The Kingsley Inn has made it’s mark and they’re ready to make everyone’s visit to the tri-state area a remarkable one for years to come.


It’s time to find the Buff in Fort Madison! That means we needed to stop at Buffalo 61 Bar & Grille for some big portions. These chicken wings are meaty and perfectly fried while dripping with Buffalo 61’s flavorful sauces. We went for the Nashville hot selection and never stopped dipping the whole time. If you live for blue cheese then you’ll love the Buffalo 61 blue cheese dressing with these wings!
We had the craving for a fresh salad and Buffalo 61 whips up some great varieties. A classic grilled chicken salad with more of that deeee-lish blue cheese dressing!
The menu at Buffalo 61Bar & Grille likes to boast about their large portions and here’s an example of what you can devour while you’re enjoying this restaurant in Fort Madison!

Sip & Snooze

Want 10% off your stay at the Kingsley Inn? Call the hotel directly or book online and use the promo code “sip” for the Sip & Snooze package! Four bars are within walking distance of the Kingsley Inn which means this is primo grownup getaway material!

Let’s start at River Rocks Bar & Grill that’s just steps from the lobby when you check-in. Click on the video below and see how much we love this town, neighborhood and this hotel!
Get the sips going at the River Rocks Bar & Grill!
Next up was Corks & Barrels! That sangria is a magical mix and this is the classic look when that Fort Madison, Iowa grownup getaway kicks in!
If you’re a whiskey lover then you must experience Corks & Barrels. A wide range of spirits including this sampler with nothing but whiskeys from the State of Iowa!
One of the greatest boards we’ve ever been presented and it was right here at Corks and Barrels. Soft pretzels, hot cheese dip, gourmet cheeses, olives, fresh grapes, sliced meats and all on a huge wooden slab!
One of my favorite bars on planet Eartha and it’s Faeth’s Cigar Shop! An unofficial museum where you can have some cold drinks on a bar from the Chicago World’s Fair in the 1930s. There will never be a time that I stop in Fort Madison and not wander into Faeth’s for some cold beer and conversation with the locals.
Just a couple doors down from the Kingsley Inn is Lost Duck Brewing with a gorgeous evening view! Iowa craft beer with Old For Madison, the river and a barge inching along upstream at sunset. I’ll tip my pint to that!
As you can see, we had a great time taking advantage of the Kingsley Inn’s Sip and Snooze feature. Four establishments all within walking distance to our fantastic room and we hit up all of them while meeting more visitors like ourselves. We worked up another appetite and ordered a pizza flight from Slater’s delivered to our room as well! Whiskey flight, beer flight and pizza flight…That’s going to flight school in Fort Madison!

The Kingsley Inn has a great idea for this grownup style getaway to SE-Iowa. Take advantage of this beautiful hotel and get to know the historic downtown district yourself and it’s neighborhood businesses all over town while the folks at the Kingsley Inn can steer you in the right direction all over the area. It’s obvious that I love this property and could go back anytime of year to cuddle up to another amazing night in Fort Madison!

Coffee-Up & Tea Time

Need a caffeine charge? Drive-up to Lost Bear Coffee and take care of those cravings with a gourmet cup of Fort Madison joe!
Or maybe tea is something you prefer. The Victoria Gallery & Tea Room is the full service tea shop that many aficionados would love. Freshly baked pastries and hot tea warming you up with beautiful artwork surrounding you.
That’s a great form, Monie! Pour it on!

Breakfast Time

Breakfast at a Lee County legend! Jake & Walt’s Fort Diner is a small slice of breakfast food heaven with heavy portions!
They call it The Mess but it a delicious one. Loaded hash browns topped with eggs and mouthwatering sausage gravy. Mess me up anytime, Fort Diner!

We’ve combed through Fort Madison over the past 7 years with a lot of good times included. The locals and visitors we’ve met along the way have been the greatest features of our travels anywhere, and Fort Madison has kept us entertained with so many traveling memories. We’ll be back again and I know that we’ll be discovering plenty more when we arrive to Iowa’s extreme southeast corner on the Mississippi!

Are you thinking what I’m thinking? Surprise your smiley special someone with reservations at the Kingsley Inn! That would be one heck of a stocking stuffer if you as me. Make your reservations on the Kingsley Inn website or call 319-372-2144

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