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A Noodle Extravaganza at The Broth Lab 641 in Fairfield, Iowa

*We’re lucky enough to live only 1 hour away from a wondrous community of culinary delights. It was an honor to be hosted once again in Fairfield, Iowa!

I told you we’d be back my fine looking sloth friend!

Fairfield, Iowa: Jefferson County

We will travel for noodles! Fairfield is a unique SE-Iowa city that never disappoints when it comes to a variety of restaurants to choose from. There’s a new noodle crew in town, and they’re creating some amazing culinary delights in the Jefferson County seat at The Broth Lab 641!


Want something pickled, fried and vegetarian? Then a bowl of delicious fried cauliflower is whet you need to order at The Broth Lab 641! After one bite of this delicious masterpiece it became one of my favorite appetizers in all of Iowa. Go dipping in the creamy Sambal Aioli while they’re hot!
This platter was getting nutty as well. Chili Lime Peanuts were naturally addictive and paired perfectly with every sip of our beverages.
The chef was bringing the heat to our table! Never turn down a large portion of peppers from a talented kitchen crew…
That Sambal Aioli was so good we wanted more! This time with bite sized pieces of fried okra! A little Southern twist to this already mouthwatering meal.


The Broth Lab 641 has created some incredible entrees that will make you want to pass the food all around the table. However, they also want to keep all the guests intrigued by offering a selection of ingredients and additions that you choose yourself. Click here and see their selection of broths, sauces, noodles, toppings and proteins plus more of their terrific menu items!

Salmon was on my mind and The Broth Lab 641 had that handled. Wonderfully seared and served over Tokyo wavy noodles, pickled cucumber, more of that fried okra, local citrus-sesame kale and a warm ginger sauce. Oh, baby!
That’s a man who loves every flavor in every bite and slurp of this meal!
Don’t overlook the handhelds selection on The Broth Lab 641 menu. Banh Mi sandwiches with tender tofu and incredible textures and fresh flavors on a toasted baguette!
A rush of feel good cooking in this bowl of rice noodles with a lobster red curry sauce. Shoyu eggs, picked cucumbers, citrus shrimp, chili lime peanuts and roasted corn!
Leah mastered her chopstick skills so she wasn’t going to miss out on a Fairfield evening at The Broth Lab 641!
Braised pork belly time! Paired with more of that delicious local kale, Shoyu eggs with Tonkotsu broth and Tokyo wavy noodles.

I think you’ll admire The Broth Lab’s concept very quickly when your food begins its memorable presentation at your table. A hot bowl of noodles is what you need during anytime of year, but it goes double between now and Spring. I just thought of something…I should have dunked the Banh Mi sandwich into my broth!!!! We gotta go back!

It looks and tastes like gourmet home cooking at The Broth Lab 641 Im Fairfield, Iowa! 102 North 2nd Street
Thank you to Terry and everyone at Visit Fairfield for hosting us! Another delicious gallivant in Jefferson County!

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