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OLY-OLY-OLY! Cozy up to Stanton, Iowa & the Old Lumber Yard Suites

*There’s cozy ways to enjoy a getaway all over the state and that includes small towns in rural Western Iowa. Our stay at the OLY Suites was complimentary. The views expressed in this blog post are of our own. Now, lets gallivant!

It’s a great time of year to breakaway from the daily routine and melt into a relaxing atmosphere in small town SW-Iowa. Your suite is waiting in Stanton! 227 Thorn Street 712-829-7350

Stanton, Iowa: Montgomery County

There’s tons of gift ideas during the holiday season, birthdays, weddings, anniversaries and any event that calls for a celebration. The thrill of ripping into wrapping paper or opening a box is a great thing, but there’s another way you can relay a present to somebody who needs some relaxing time off. Whisper, “we’re getting out of for a getaway soon….”, and watch the intrigue get sparked.

From the outside, this building looks wonderfully renovated and you’re right to think that. Two ground level suites in the middle of the Stanton, Iowa business district that offer a perfect way to get some relaxing done while getting entertained by some friendly locals at the same time.
Inside the OLY Suites! A historic building that’s been renovated to host guest in Montgomery County. Beautifully designed and full of the modernization we all appreciate. Turn up the flat screen TV and start to kickback in Southwest Iowa!
Plenty of counter space, refrigeration, coffee and a design that wants you to start mixing some drinks right away!
The bathrooms have quality products and kept up with extreme care like the rest of the suite.
Wonderful shower with the peacefulness, hot water and soft towels that all of us want when we’re on the road.
Ok, I get it. You want a relaxing small town getaway but you also need a large venue for an epic gathering you’re planning. Stanton and OLY have you covered! Directly across the street from the suites is that Old Lumber Yard that’s been turned into one of Iowa’s premiere event centers. Click here and see everything that OLY offers for an unforgettable event you could be hosting in Stanton!

OLY Suites is another example of the ideal way I want to travel. Just steps away from our suite are shops restaurants and memorable Stanton, Iowa parks and walking paths. This includes the neighbors upstairs at Gibbs Chophouse!

Juicy aged steaks, gourmet appetizers, cold beers, tasty cocktails, blissful desserts and a lively patio with fire pits to keep all of us comfy and cozy. That’s right folks, park the car, check in and get that getaway going within seconds of arriving to Stanton!

It doesn’t take much to achieve relaxation mode including a lot of laughs and good times with the locals in this community. The hospitality keeps guests feeling welcomed by the businesses owners and their crews along with the proud regulars of the area that are simply enjoying the atmosphere and delicious food right there with you.

Make your reservations for OLY Suites by clicking on their website or call 712-829-7350.

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  1. Good old Swedish hospitality–so proud of my hometown and this endeavor–enjoy all the guests just like Sven and Oly would welcome them! DMasmar

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