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Soviets & Bonnie & Clyde: History in Guthrie County-Sirloins & Jumbo Shrimp Joining In

*A short trip to anywhere can yield an amazing experience no matter where you’re going and that’s what we embraced in the rural countryside between Coon Rapids and White Pole Road. Our trip to Guthrie County was funded and sponsored by the Western Iowa Tourism Region. Some of the goods, meals and services were complimentary. The views expressed in this blog post are of our own. Now, let’s Gallivant!

The sunset never disappoints when you’re near Coon Rapids, Iowa!

Guthrie County, Iowa

We took a short trip into Guthrie County and gathered a wealth of gallivanting material during this leg of The T-Bone Trail. From an infamous robbery to magical surf and turf and the historic Soviet diplomatic encounter during a crucial and quite interesting time period between two Cold War superpowers. This area has the goods for gallivanting gold and we’re starting in Stuart!

Bonnie & Clyde

First National Bank was the scene of the last bank robbery for a nationally well known tandem of thieves that took the headlines by storm in the 1930s. You can become a celebrity in an infinite amount of ways in America, and Bonny & Clyde will forever be known as some of the most admired and and hunted criminals of the 20th century. They’re last heist would be in Stuart, Iowa so click on the video and see the cramped conditions they put their hostages in…
I would have been a hostile hostage. This was way too cozy even when it was only me in the vault.

Bonnie literally started a fashion craze with her style and men wanted to be Clyde so very badly in the depths of the Great Depression. Nearby Dexter, Iowa was hit by the Tommy Gun carrying robbers and downtown Stuart would be shortly thereafter. Iowa would be the end of their bank bonanza before eventually being gunned down by eager lawmen in Louisiana. Their last job had to be somewhere and it was just miles away from where Jesse James started his Western rein sum 60 years earlier near Adair.

Inside the vault is this handwritten document. Former employees and their tenure? Visit and decipher for yourself!
What a cast of characters we have here in Stuart, Iowa! Thanks for showing us around and we can’t wait to come back!

Shop Local

Shop small, shop local, shop Iowa! You can do this in the main business district of Stuart and support multiple Iowa businesses at the same time at Doe A Deer!

It won’t be hard to find in this historic Stuart block. Enter and see all sorts of goodies that are ready to take home!
Now, this is what I call Iowa-lit! Snuggle up to a precious someone with this book.
Knickknacks galore at Doe A Deer in Stuart!
Culinary wonders await at Dow A Deer. I recommended picking up some biscuit mix while you’re in town. The you get to tell your guests that you have Stuart to thank!
You need another kitchen towel and you need it with an Iowa theme! Yes, you do!

Let’s Have Surf & Turf

Guthrie Center we go! What time is it? I said, what time is it???? It’s Prime Time!!! Steak night can really get you charged up when you’re in Guthrie County because Prime Time has a surf and turf you’ll never forget. Click on the video below and see what I’m talking about!

You’ve found your perfect match my tasty and crunchy breaded shrimp. You just needed to make it to Guthrie Center, Iowa to find another delicious soulmate known as a juicy Sirloin steak!
Jumbo shrimp that’s bringing quite the crunch to this steak supper in Guthrie Center!
Most of the main food groups represented in one picture. Juicy char broiled sirloin, buttery bread, fried seafood and a steaming hot potato. Yup, these are what I like to see on my food pyramid diagram!
Let’s not forget the pasta portions and Prime Time! Tell Alfredo I said hello when you get to Guthrie Center.


Just inside Guthrie County and nearby Coon Rapids is one of Western Iowa’s most beautiful pieces of rural land. Whiterock Conservancy is where you’ll find the historic Garst Farmhouse and the keepers of this conservancy are always welcoming guests into this unforgettable nature preserve.

The amazing farmhouse has countless Garst family memories and it’s opened to guests who want a peaceful Iowa getaway. 1436 IA-141, Coon Rapids 712-790-8221
You can sense how prized this home is at Whiterock. The importance of this farm swept in the moment we crossed the bridge over a creek while heading up the lane. Roswell and Elizabeth Garst have the pleasant smiles that look like they’ll always be greeting folks to Coon Rapids.
It’s corn! That’s what Nikita Khrushchev was enamored with on the cover of this issue of Life Magazine. Hosting the Soviet Union leader in Iowa with Roswell Garst also pictured on the right. This 1959 visit to America became a truly monumental moment for the ag-industry everywhere.
The Toshiama room would be where we would settle down for the day at the Garst Farmhouse. The positive energy can be felt as soon as you arrive.
Every guest room at this farmhouse is decorated differently giving a unique touch for everyone who checks in.
The influence of rural Iowa is all around you un this wonderful guesthouse.
Twin, king and queen sized beds are available for all the different styles of travelers. As you can see, there’s another style to everywhere you look at the Garst Farmhouse.
The living room is full of more Garst family history and some of the guests they’ve hosted. I felt like staying for weeks and imagined my whole family enjoying Whiterock Conservancy.
Breathtaking natural sunlight pouring into the dining room where you can make an unforgettable meal for your entire party hosted at Whiterock.
And there’s the full kitchen to make that memorable meal in. Make the Garsts proud and get that delicious homecooked supper whipped up!
A sculpture honoring the Soviet tour of Iowa was placed here at the Garst Farmhouse. The common agricultural needs of both countries and the world are forever depicted.
Take a hike and find the goats at Whiterock Conservancy! Remind me to show you my spot-on goat impersonation when you see me…
A fine looking barn quilt on a sturdy barn that overlooks this proud farm.
Well done Garst family. Only you and President Eisenhower were directly on the Khrushchev agenda when it came to meeting Americans on this Cold War gallivant of their own. Just 12 days in the US and the Garst family was able make Coon Rapids be one of their crucial and historic stops.

Make your reservations for accommodations at Whiterock Conservancy on their website.

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