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Devouring a Cheeseburger-Tenderloin Combo, Main Street Tacos & Discovering Gravity in Taylor County, Iowa

*Highway 2 is a river to river route that stretches across the entire southern tier of Iowa from the Mississippi to the Missouri. A fantastic road trip that will highlight some amazing areas in Southwest Iowa! Our visit to Taylor County was funded and sponsored by the Western Iowa Tourism Region. Some of the goods, services and meals were complimentary. The views expressed in this blog post are of our own. Now, let’s Gallivant!

We all know where the yellow brick road leads. The red brick road may lead you to Bedford, Iowa!

Taylor County, Iowa

The days of road trips are entering some beautiful weeks ahead so I’d start getting those calendars penciled in with some scenic and memorable drives into the Main Streets of Southwest Iowa. Taylor County offers some pleasant pathways into this corner of Iowa on the Missouri border with a variety avenues you can take to enjoy yourself!


Hey, look! It’s Fred and Leah of Bedford, Iowa who own and operate The Bedford Inn! This beautiful home provides a delightful and historic stay in the Taylor County seat. Walking distance to all of Bedford’s main business district and inside a quiet neighborhood. 607 Jefferson Street 858-205-2301
The inviting nature of a front porch on any home is something that I will always gravitate to. Especially at a magnificent place of lodging like The Bedford Inn. This porch illustrates how relaxing this property will be right when you show up.
Get comfortable and stay awhile at The Bedford Inn!
Imagine the memories you could make in this dining room! Glasses of wine, cups of hot coffee and plenty of laughter with a group of folks that decided to road trip to Bedford with you while experiencing Southwest Iowa.
The parlors are all decorated with perfectly placed furniture, literature, antiques and artwork that creates a “welcome home” atmosphere in every room. Look at that amazing woodwork!
Rack’em! You came to The Bedford Inn to relax, but you can get your competitive side charged up in the billiards room!
We were welcomed into Carriage Suite and it was wonderfully comfortable. Just past the jacuzzi and up the stairs is everything you could possibly need during your own Gallivant to Taylor County.
Our bedroom accommodations atop of the Carriage Suite were calling. This peaceful bed and soft sheets were primed and ready for a much awaited mid-afternoon nap.
Inside the Bedford Inn is a plethora of choices and accommodations with even more perks that will make your stay a special one. All the rooms have unique features and you may just find yourself imagining return trips with a different room each time. I know I did!

Leah and Fred are awesome hosts and entertaining to talk to. They exude a lot of pride when it comes to The Bedford Inn with all the accommodations it offers. To me, there’s nothing better than being able to take a short walk to Main Street-America from where you’re lodging, and you get exactly that when you check into The Bedford Inn. Keep an eye out on The Iowa Gallivant because we have more to show you from this unforgettable inn!

Roadside America & History

Our constant travels have brought us to a bevy of interesting welcome signs, murals and countless roadside attractions. Taylor County has their own charm when it comes to all of these and we bumped into a few more of them during Season 2 of The T-Bone Trail! Click on the video below and see some local history directly on HWY-2….

Round barn hunters are going to love this stretch of HWY-2!
Brand new mural looking like it could use a lot more coats of selfies like this one! Looking great, Clearfield!
I think I just found my next spot for a meeting in Clearfield! An office space is always a solid option, but have you ever gone over company logistics from a wooden train car thingy in a Taylor County pubic park? Just try to tell me that’s not a great idea!
One of Iowa’s best welcome signs and town mottos all in one! Gravity was on my bucket list ever since I found out about this landmark and I wasn’t leaving Taylor County without a picture! Sir Isaac Newton would be thrilled to be here…

Back to Bedford

Lunchtime arrived to Bedford and so did we! Folks around Southwest Iowa have been giving us hints about a longtime ice cream shop with a menu that’s loaded with some interesting and tasty items.

The seasonal treat known as Frosty Trete! Locals cherish this icon and each season brings in travelers that get to experience it for the first time!
Iowans love food on the crab Rangoon spectrum and Frosty Trete has some crispy fries that they top with this creamy and flavorful combo.
Cheese balls with a sweet-chili kick! Tasty Trete proving that it’s more than ice cream around here!
That’s the face of someone that just bit into a very hot French fry. It’s when you do the ha-fa-cha-cha sound….
There’s the gourmet ice cream you knew was coming! This seasonal eatery is open through October so get over to Tasty Trete and Bedford this fall!

Let’s Go Shopping

Main Street in Bedford features an interesting variety of shops to choose from when you’re looking for items that can fill up your home or when you need to get those gift exchanges taken care of. Our first stop was Be Still Mercantile and a visit with a repurposing master. Click on the video and meet her!

How would they reshape The Iowa Gallivant if we dropped it off? I would love to see what the Merc could come up with!
The Merc stays busy with many projects, but you can also purchase some goodies that you can take home right away.
I recommend taking a seat and start thinking about what Be Still Mercantile can do for that object of yours just sitting around!
Another stroll down Main Street-Western Iowa with Hedgie’s Books, Toys & More making it onto our bigtime Bedford Gallivant!
This store is well stocked with everything that’s in its name. Take your time and see how you can get a lot of shopping done at Hedgie’s!
Here’s some of those toys you can start dealing out for the holidays and birthdays coming up. I want some Socker Boppers!
There’s a book right up my ally and it’s by my friend Sara Broers from Travel With Sara! She’s traveled extensively throughout Iowa and knows her stuff so she can most defiantly come up with a list of 100 Things To Do In Iowa!
This would fall into that “and more” part of Hedgie’s. A large selection of Iowa wines to bring a smile to some of those grownups that just might share a bottle with you!

Let’s Eat Tacos

Tampico Family Mexican Restaurant is a delicious addition to Bedford and there were so many folks in the area talking about it. We were honored to get this establishment on The T-Bone Trail!
Instant smiles reappeared on our faces when we walked in and saw the Tampico decor. Always a great sign when a Mexican restaurant is busy and flashing colorful artwork everywhere!
Let’s take a big gulp of Southwest Iowa! Huge margaritas were a must-have on this grownup getaway to Taylor County and Tampico!
Steak can be ordered here, too! Carne Asada was loaded into my flour tortillas with all the delicious additions like refried beans, rice, grilled onions, Pico de Gallo and fresh guacamole!
Tampico coming in with the seafood and these shrimp tacos that were incredibly satisfying. Click on the video below and see our meals and a sudden arm wrestling competition in action!
Tampico bringing the muscle to this meal in Bedford!
I’m a man of my word….He got some of my Carne Asada and we couldn’t have been happier to have this hilarious night with the locals at Tampico Family Mexican Restaurant!

Breakfast Time

I’ll need a fill up to get this Bedford morning going correctly! The Coffee Shop May have a simple name, but there is nothing ordinary about it.
Hey, turn around! You’re about to be on The Iowa Gallivant!
The Coffee Shop was a pop culture dream. Vintage everything and everywhere. Multiple rooms of vinyl, video games, board games, collectible lunchboxes, books, magazines….You need to see this place for yourself!
Directly on HWY 2 is Junction Café where a hot plate of breakfast was getting ready to supply the finale of our trip to Bedford.
I’ll always find the biscuits and gravy everywhere I go! Pass the pepper and the hot coffee, Taylor County!

Lunchtime in Lenox

Before we sat down for lunch we met up with an inspiring family that loves to host visitors. If you’re looking for a place to gather and celebrate then look to the Lenox Lodge! 641-413-3788
The story of this lodge is a fascinating one. There’s Lenox history paired with family nostalgia and the everlasting friendship with cherished neighbors on display in every room. This is why the Lenox Lodge offers such an amazing option for any type of gathering with friends and family. This was one of two kitchens in two different areas of the Lenox Lodge. Beautiful woodwork with modern appliances to get that party cooking! This lodge also includes multiple bedrooms for folks who want to have their own getaway to Lenox!
Look at this old handwritten menu from yesteryear in Downtown Lenox. January 12th, 1979 sounds like it was a delicious day in Taylor County!
Kitchen number two and another section of the Lenox Lodge that looks completely different! This facility is sparkling with modernization mixed with the feeling that the Lenox Lodge has been around for decades. That’s a testament to how much detail and passion went into the design and daily upkeep.
It was time to belly up to the local bowling alley and settle in for lunch in Lenox. Chubb’s Chicken at Tiger Lanes for a first time sandwich appearance on The Iowa Gallivant!
This massive sandwich is called, the Farmer and its one of the most fitting names for any meal I’ve had on the trail. Representing the barnyard is a breaded pork tenderloin topped with a juicy cheeseburger so you better be hungry when you show up to Chub’s! Click on the video below and see how big this sandwich is….
Now, I’m ready to go bowling!
The whole farm in every bite!

This most recent gallivant to Taylor County took us to an amazing amount of areas that we had yet to discover during our years of traveling throughout the state. That’s what it’s all about and it’s why we love the Western Iowa T-Bone Trail. Southwest Iowa is a road trippers dream with its constant change of scenery and popular restaurants that seem to spring up with every cruise I take on those blacktops. Tacos, crab Rangoon, and two sandwiches in one bite makes Taylor County an appetizing road trip during anytime of the year!

Get information about making your reservations at The Bedford Inn on their website.

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Thank you to everyone at the Bedford Area Chamber of Commerce and the Lenox Area Chamber of Commerce for hosting us and helping to coordinate our trip to Taylor County. It was another memorable and magnificent trip to your communities and beyond!

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