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Vineyards, Crisp Cider & the Greatest Chicken Sandwich: Grownup Getaway to Fairfield, Iowa

*Southeast Iowa is going to be in prime time with fall colors soon, and Jefferson County is going to be welcoming streams of visitors all autumn long! Our trip was hosted by Visit Fairfield. Some of the services, meals and goods were complimentary. The views expressed in this blog post are of our own. Now, let’s Gallivant!

Sunny days are what we like and Fairfield produced an amazing one during our return trip to this exciting community!

Fairfield, IA: Jefferson County

It had been far too long since our last Gallivant to Fairfield and we were ecstatic to get back and see some new businesses along with some of the places that we’re very familiar with. Loads of restaurants, shops, art and plenty of good times coming on this grownup getaway to Fairfield! Let’s just say it’s going to be tasty….

Breakfast Time

Nestled into a Fairfield neighborhood is a popular breakfast stop that’s making its second appearance on TIG. A home for anyone who loves freshly baked goods at Bountiful Bakery!
You can say that it’s a little “flaky” in Fairfield thanks to the folks at Bountiful Bakery! This place really knows how to butter us up…
A wide variety of goods are prepared daily and we enjoyed every sweet and savory bite with some hot coffee first thing in the morning. You can taste why the locals love Bountiful Bakery.
A bountiful cup of coffee!
You can get some shopping done while you’re enjoying some delicious baked goods. Is it still strawberry earring season?

I mean seriously! What on Earth can you do with an old broom factory? Well, Fairfield had a dream and it included tacos and a host of culinary creations. Our backup breakfast spot is Taco Dreams!

A breakfast burrito that’s big on flavor at Taco Dreams! Loaded with a meaty punch of local heirloom pork chorizo, organic scrambled eggs, pinto beans, ranchero sauce, melted cheese and all of it in warm flour tortilla!
You can pick the ingredients you want in your burrito and my choices put this smile on my face! I too dream of tacos and their burrito brethren!

Roadside Attractions & History

The Bonnifield Cabin is Iowa’s oldest existing two story cabin and it’s located right here in Fairfield! You’ll find it at Waterworks Parks and it’s the piece of roadside Americana we love to find.
Maharishi International University brings in the world to Fairfield. Take a walking tour of this campus and see the wonders this institution invites all to behold.
There’s meaning to every shadow and ray of sunshine that hits these structures. Don’t be afraid to ask a student that’s passing by what they’re all about.
This is one of the most mesmerizing collections of sundials you might find anywhere in North America.
The Carnegie Museum is located just off the town square in Fairfield, and it’s easily one of the best of its kind I’ve seen in Iowa. Jefferson County history has an unbelievable home in what was the old Jefferson County Library.
One of the most interesting eras of Fairfield. This tower and its light from above inadvertently attracted local birds, and would lead many to their demise. A local couple, who loved the birds, helped save many of them and gave the perished feathered friends a proper goodbye away from the prowling felines of Fairfield.
Fairfield has been a college town for much of its existence which means it’s attracted generations of scholars and citizens that have gathered interesting collections. The Carnegie Museum has some impressive Native American artifacts and artwork along with other pieces from all over the world.
One of my favorite exhibits. This description is blunt, but very accurate.
Before the Maharishi took over, Fairfield’s local institution of higher learning was Parsons College. Another infamous local story of a corrupt scheme that attracted wealthy students that had no ambition to be drafted with a college president that lined his pockets along the way. Parsons would eventually become a defunct college that drove the local economy into an awful decline, but Fairfield would begin to rise once again!
You name the elixir, snake juice, powder or any yesteryear remedy to what ails you and it’s probably here at the Carnegie Museum.
Buddha has made his presence known on this Fairfield gallivant!
This man is amazing! He had the story and description behind everything we passed at this wonderful museum.

New Chicago has a ring to it. Where should we place it? Oh, there’s already a New Chicago? Yup, and it’s a neighborhood in Fairfield! If you love Iowa’s annual State Fair then you should click on the video below and see where it got it’s start. Spoiler alert…We didn’t make a sudden trip to Des Moines….

Which way to the funnel cakes?

Let’s Go Shopping

Willow & Bright is tucked into the main Fairfield businesses district near the town square. If you’re looking for seasonal styles then you found your place!
Willow & Bright is well stocked and ready for you to start creating those sounds that hangers make when going through the racks of clothes!
Hazel & Grey is one of the most memorable shops you’ll find in Fairfield. Located in the square and loaded with an amazing amount of merchandise you can’t find everywhere.
Buy it in bulk! Even when it’s cleaning supplies. From toilet bowl cleaner to dish soap and more when you get to the back of Hazel & Grey.
The holiday season is approaching and we all know someone that’s going to want some new toys. Hazel & Grey has an entertaining inventory of playful items to wrap up this year!
Get out of the house and get to the At Home Store! Another fantastic retailer on the square in Fairfield!
The At Home Store if the perfect place for that aspiring, professional or hobbyist cook you need to shop for. Or pick something up for yourself!
This is a store we can see ourself visiting every time we make it to Fairfield. There’s always room for another set of pots and pans from the At Home Store!
And there’s always room for another bottle of vinegar, oil, jars of sauce and anything pickled!
That sweater isn’t going to knit itself! Supply up for those cold days inside and get prepared for the winter projects ahead with some help from the At Home Store!

Mid Afternoon Snack

Big Açaí for a big dose of fruity deliciousness on the town square of Fairfield. Smoothies and big bowls of nutritious mid afternoon goodness!
There’s a guy with a Big Açaí induced smile and sudden burst of energy. Fresh fruits, berries and a refreshing smoothies can create this moment in Fairfield so make it happen for yourself!

Fairfield Art Scene

Step right into an Icon in Fairfield! The square keeps giving us unforgettable content for this Gallivant and we discovered talented pieces of artwork at ICON-Iowa Contemporary Art. Yes, I would love to sign the guest book!
Colorful, creative and beautiful pieces with every turn you make at ICON.
The exhibits will rotate and keep your curiosity sparked at ICON. Always a good idea to stop in and see what’s on display whenever you’re in Fairfield.


We’re back in the New Chicago neighborhood and ready to enjoy one of the best meals we had this year. Time to join the locals at Lunchbox!

One of the tastiest Cobb Salads you’re going to find. Click here and see their mouthwatering menu with all the fresh and gourmet ingredients on this lovely salad at Lunchbox!
I’ve made the call….The greatest crispy chicken sandwich I’ve ever had! Order the Nashville Hot Chicken Sandwich and then start looking at houses for sale in Fairfield because you may want to move here after your first bite. Click on the video below and see my genuine reaction to a Lunchbox legend! The side of mac and cheese was a nice touch….
Seriously awesome sandwich!

Wine O’clock

Just outside of Fairfield is Batavia and a pleasant way to have a break from the day with a round of wine sampling. Cedar Valley Winery is a must experience when you’re in Jefferson County!
The variety of refreshing and award winning wines are ready to be poured at Cedar Valley Winery. They look inviting don’t they!
That’s a master right there! He knows how to keep the wine lovers happy at Cedar Valley Winery!
He kept these two wine lovers smiling in Jefferson County! Drink local and enjoy Iowa wine whenever you can!

Dinner Time

Fishback & Stephenson Cider House sits on a hill like cider royalty in Fairfield. This venue is creating fantastic experiences for droves of visitors and locals.
This flight will never be canceled at Fishback & Stephenson Cider House. It’s cider season all year long in Fairfield, Iowa!
Grass fed and locally raised beef coming in hot! Gourmet burgers were piling up on our table like this one with caramelized onions looking oh-so tantalizing.
Fishback & Stephenson’s does an Amazing job with their wide variety of burger toppings, house made pickles and premium potato salad.
A fresh Caesar salad with organic kale and topped with filets of anchovy for another perk to this meal. Bleu cheese and rich mushrooms bringing another burger together!
The kitchen crew outdid themselves! They cooked my burger just they way I like it and you can see it in action by clicking on the video below!
Thick slices of fresh mozzarella in every bite with sips of craft cider all meal long!
Cheers to you, Fairfield! Burgers and cider are what we can bring us all together.


This grownup getaway wouldn’t be complete without a game of pool! Mad Hatters Billiards helped close out another perfect evening in Fairfield. Rack’em! Btw….My wife wiped the floor with me just moments after this picture.


We’ve stayed at a lot of AmericInn properties including this one in Fairfield for the second time. It was another marvelous stay and we always seem to have a helpful and kind staff every time we check into an AmericInn anywhere! 2104 South Main Street 641-451-6600
Hello, lobby! Fairfield is lucky to have this great hotel and it’s not far from anywhere you to see in town and it’s directly off of HWY 34!
We knew the room was going to be great. Clean, comfy bed, nice furniture and welcoming. The staff was doing a wonderful job as usual at the AmericInn-Fairfield!
Don’t let the water stay that still for long when you’re at this AmericInn. Race me to the end and back!
I wasn’t kidding around when I said we enjoyed our room. We can get a lot of relaxing and work done when we’re here. Hey, that’s my wife! Hi, Monie!
Breakfast time is a special time at any AmeeicInn. It’s complimentary and always fully stocked.
Make your waffles hot and fresh and get a plate of biscuits and gravy when you wake up in Fairfield!
Let the good times keep pouring! Always a beautiful sight, aroma and sound when you’re getting the day started. Thank you to everyone at the AmericInn-Fairfield for another terrific stay!

Guess what, my dear reader. All this was experienced in a 24 hour time period! Imagine what you could do in the Fairfield area during a couple more days during your own getaway. Trust me, there’s tons more to see, taste, enjoy, and bring home from Fairfield, and we’re already planning another trip. I think we’ll grab some Ethiopian food next time or Indian. Maybe Korean, Turkish, BBQ…..

Make your reservations for AmericInn-Fairfield on their website.

Thank you to Terry Baker and everyone at Visit Fairfield for hosting us! We’ll see you again and again!
Broth Lab has opened? Now, we really need to go back for some noodles!

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