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The Red Coach of Red Oak

*HWY 34-Iowa has been producing rounds of road trips through the southern stretch of this state for a lot of years. One of the main hubs on this cross-country journey is the Montgomery County seat of Red Oak! Our stay at the Red Coach Inn & Suites was complimentary. The views expressed in this blog post are of our own. Now, let’s Gallivant!

High above the hill and off of US-HWY 34, is Red Oak’s Red Coach Inn & Suites. 1200 Senate Avenue 712-623-4864

Red Oak, IA: Montgomery County

Pack up the family and discover a friendly region that can keep you entertained in a fun and affordable way. Southwest Iowa is dotted with dozens of towns that feature their own uniqueness when it comes to discovering memorable road trip happiness. Sometimes it’s worth it to check into a quality hotel just for the pool, complimentary breakfast and having someone else do the chores for a couple days. Let the Red Coach Inn & Suites do the cooking, make your beds and help you loosen up in Red Oak!

A VERY inviting lobby calls to you instantly upon checking in at the Red Coach Inn & Suites. This is always a good sign before seeing your room and adds to the comfort during your whole stay.
Open the door and see the sunny side of your stay in Red Oak! Look at all the pillows on those wonderfully made beds!
One of the many routines I have, when arriving to a hotel room, is to turn on the TV and get an update on the weather. Some things will never change. The Red Coach’s flat screen TVs were giving me good news!
I’m always thrilled to see a restaurant and bar attached to the hotel I’m staying at. Stadium 34 was just what I, and many of my fellow travelers, needed at the end of the day!
Make some friends with Stadium 34’s huge glass pitchers of cold beer! That’s a great nightcap after a fun day in Montgomery County!
Morning will come so what’s your plan? Get to know Red Coach’s exercise room and start your daily workout. Pump some iron, get some miles in on the treadmill and don’t forget your stretches. You have more gallivanting to do!
How about a warm-down to your workout by taking a few laps in the Red Coach’s indoor pool! This can also be a best friend to any parent that needs to see there kids get some energy out. A short getaway with a pool can make for a much needed break from your day to day routine back home.
Make time for the breakfast nook at the Red Coach Inn & Suites. Coffee-up and get the day energized with a complimentary meal first thing in the morning in Red Oak!
Healthy shakes, teas and coffees are available at Red Oak Nutrition! Just down the hall from the lobby with a menu that can really get you geared up for your day ahead.

Sometimes there’s a destination that can supply a simple way to just unwind. Red Coach Inn & Suites is that vary kind of location where you can achieve that affordable getaway and ease-up on the normal daily structures you need a break from. A few cannonballs in the pool, cups of hot coffee, fresh breakfast, comfortable rooms, and a full service sports bar can be all you need to making that relaxation feeling happen. All that with a pleasant, hardworking, professional and friendly staff at the Red Coach Inn & Suites in Red Oak!

Make your reservations for the Red Coach Inn & Suites on their website.

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