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Sizzlin’ J Bar & Grill in Galva, IA (Ida Co)-The Western Iowa T-Bone Trail

*Another NW-Iowa treasure and they’re always putting the sizzle in Ida County. Buckle up for more of the Ribeye magic on this steak filled adventure through Western Iowa! Our meal at Sizzlin’ J Bar was complimentary. The views expressed in this blog post are of our own. Now, let’s Gallivant!

We always tell folks to stop in small town Iowa whenever possible because you’re going to love your road trip that much more. Add Galva and these BBQ masters to your travels! 121 Main Street

Galva, IA: Ida County

Historic US Route 20, or you may like to say Old 20, has over 300 miles of its cross country path through Iowa and the little town of Galva is one of its many ports. Cruise through Western Iowa in historic manner, and get to know all the communities that still utilize and cherish what is America’s longest highway. Then have a great meal at Sizzlin’ J Bar & Grill when you get to Ida County! It’s salad bar time….

Sizzlin’ J’s makes homemade dressings and a legion of salads to go with your plate of fresh veggies. They’re very proud of this spread and they always offer it on the weekends.
These fresh classics in full display chilling on ice. Western Iowa has a lot of talent throughout the entire region, and beautiful salad bars are a major specially out here. That can make for a historic first course on Old 20 in Galva!
Smoked Brisket sandwich with Mac & Cheese! That’s a carb lovers dream with a beefy protein filled punch in every bite!
The Brisket Philly in all its smoky delight! Sizzlin’ J’s has a popular restaurant, but that’s not all they do. Keep an eye out for their food truck at events they’re traveling to, and keep them in mind for an awesome catering opportunity as well. This place can kick-butt at a BBQ fest and your own party!
Then what we all came to see in Ida County. The headliner of this stop on the trail was the Sizzlin’ J’s charbroiled Ribeye majesty. Look at those juicy pools forming and the lights reflecting off this amazing steak. Crispy breaded shrimp and loaded hash browns with melted cheese to make this a monster meal. Click on the video below and get to know this beef filled steak supper even more!
Salad Bar, Mac and Cheese, Brisket, Shrimp, Ribeye, and Hash Browns! What a way to be welcomed to Ida County!

Pit masters and grill champs for a belly filling pitstop in Galva! We’ve experienced the Sizzlin’ J’s food truck a couple times outside of Ida County, but it was an honor to finally make it into their Main Street headquarters. This wasn’t everything on their menu, and I know they’re all eager to show every one of us what they can prepare during our travels on Old 20. Make Ida County a delicious part of your Northwest Iowa road trip this year and beyond!

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