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Olive Branch in Greenfield, IA (Adair Co)-The Western Iowa T-Bone Trail

*A night out on one of the best squares in Iowa! Greenfield’s Public Square has some tasty options and one of them is connected to a wonderful historic hotel. Our meal at Olive Branch was complimentary. The views expressed in this blog post are of our own. Now, let’s Gallivant!

This beautiful brick architecture can be observed throughout this entire Greenfield district and it’s all home to some great Southwest Iowa businesses and locals! 108 East Iowa Street

Greenfield, IA: Adair County

I will always gravitate to Southwest Iowa for a long list of reasons and you can always put great restaurants towards the top of the list. The popular and well respected family owned Olive Branch is one of several reasons you’ll want to visit Greenfield’s Public Square. I showed up and then was immediately greeted by two of the Olive Branch’s very happy and friendly servers. They knew how to set an entertaining tone and make a traveler feel like a longtime regular, and that’s a quality that can keep folks heading back to town. Let’s get this mealtime and steak night started!

Another way to get my attention is to have some cold Iowa beers offered. One Ruthie coming right up!
Olive Branch coming in with the fresh salad that we all love. Yup, I make a beeline to the black pepper every time. It’s just how I was raised….
Surf and turf in Greenfield, Iowa! Charbroiled Ribeye with some buttery and garlicy shrimp to keep this Adair County Gallivant going strong. Cooked to medium-rare, tender, juicy and I ate a bite of those crispy hash browns with every delicious slice of this beefy steak. Olive Branch has some cooks that can show off their talents with a meaty meal like this. Watch the video below and see this steak night in action!
Keep the good times going, Olive Branch!

If you’ve been following along with TIG, then you’ve seen a lot of what we enjoyed in Greenfield’s Public Square. Adair County can be one of the best rural drives you can take during a long summertime road trip. Experience the roadside attractions on White Pole Road and then head south and get to know this historic district, and meet the friendly locals at the Olive Branch. Then book a room at the Hotel Greenfield…It’s right next door! Let’s do this!

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