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Southwest Iowa Relaxation Road Trip: Cobblestone Inn & Suites-Clarinda

*The great American road trip leads to memorable drives everywhere with Southwest Iowa creating many of them every year. The scenery, winding blacktops, and rural escapes can lead you to places like Clarinda. Our stay at the Cobblestone Inn & Suites was complimentary. The views expressed in this blog post are of our own. Now, let’s Gallivant!

A wonderful town like Clarinda has a wonderful way to spend the night in comfort. Make this county seat your hub when you’re exploring a scenic road trip through this rural region. 105 Essie Davison Drive 712-850-1471

Clarinda, IA: Page County

The Big Band nation knows that Clarinda, Iowa is the birthplace of the legendary Glenn Miller and this town has become a pilgrimage for many of these enthusiasts. Glenn’s hometown also has some great restaurants, museums, events and a host of locals that want to see their visitors have a great time in Page County. Take the long way round, the scenic route, smell the roses and then unwind in Clarinda with a stay at Cobblestone Inn & Suites!

That’s the “I just arrived to Clarinda and ready to check-in” look! Cobblestone Inn & Suites locations have been a good friend to us during our Iowa travels. I was happy to experience another one of their properties in Clarinda!
I had no doubt that my bed would be looking sharp and feeling comfy when I pulled out the keycard. Clarinda’s accommodations were just what I expected with its wonderful cleanliness and modern look.
This Cobblestone Inn & Suites May have a modern ambiance, but this hotel still keeps the Clarinda history alive. Glenn Miller and that classic Big Band sound on display in your room!
Annnnnnnd….Plop! The sound of unwinding after a whole day of gallivanting Page County. That’s a giant grin from a very happy guest at the Cobblestone Inn & Suites.
Time for some exercises! 1 and 2 and click 2 and 1 and click and 2…You’re doing great! Let’s make it all the way to the movie channels! And click on 1 and 2…..
Don’t feel like getting some shut-eye yet? Then slip over to the bar next door at the Ice House!
Don’t sleep in too long! The Cobblestone complimentary breakfast will be hot and ready for you in the morning!
Fresh coffee and a lot of it! Get that octane flowing first thing in the morning while you’re visiting Clarinda.
Need something quick and fast while you’re on the go? Cobblestone Inn & Suites has that covered when you might be in a rush to start your day.
And this is for all who have the time to sit back and have an eggy and bacon filled beginning to the morning. Butter some toast, cheese up a bagel, grab a bowl of cereal, and sit down with the local paper. Now, that sounds good to me, Clarinda. The staff of the Cobblestone Inn did a great job and kept us feeling welcomed the whole time. That’s a very common specialty at all their properties we’ve stayed at throughout the years. Let’s do this again!

Your summer is awaiting and there’s going to be some days when you’re going to need to relax and absorb an area that can keep the getaway casual. Museums, delicious restaurants, popular semi-pro baseball, and all that musical history from the Big Band era at the Glenn Miller birthplace. Make that Clarinda getaway a comfortable one at Cobblestone Inn & Suites!

Make your reservations for Cobblestone Inn & Suites-Clarinda on their website.

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