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A Not So Common Getaway on the Lake: The Okoboji Commons Hotel

*There’s some not so common places to stay in Okoboji during your vacation to one of America’s best lakeside destinations. We happened to stumble upon just one of those vary places. Our stay at The Okoboji Commons Hotel was complimentary. The views expressed in this blog post are of our own. Now, let’s Gallivant!

The main drag of Okoboji reveals some of Iowa’s most iconic destinations and legendary lakefronts. The only thing that disappointed me is that I didn’t make plans to stay for a longer time! 1302 US-71 217-332-2222

Okoboji, IA: Dickinson County

The summer is right around the corner, and the Okoboji community embraces this season like the sun soaked champs that they are. A giant list of lakesides, scenic views, memorable restaurants, entertaining bars and breweries, tons of souvenirs, museums, and all around great times for any type of group. You’ll have hours on the water while exploring the area which means you’ll need a wonderful place to stay during your lake filled getaway to Northwest Iowa. Let’s get to know The Okoboji Commons Hotel!

Let the sunshine fill up your day and your time at The Okoboji Commons! A large and grassy yard is where you can unwind when you get back from the lake. Keep going barefoot all day long!
You’ll notice a theme right away when you check into The Okoboji Commons Hotel. It’s your trip to a beautiful Iowa destination, but they love keeping you intrigued and getting you curious about what it’s like across the pond.
A British design can’t be complete without these four guys! Something tells me they did alright….
Sunny days can pour through the huge windows and into your room at The Okoboji Commons Hotel. The entire community knows how important your vacation is and this hotel creates a very comfortable experience. Wonderful beds, plenty of space, large bathroom, flat screen TV, and all in a great location. Arnolds Park, Spirit Lake and so much more is nearby.
Start relaxing with the Union Jack beaming over you. Iowa hospitality with a royal twist!

There’s a lot of restaurants throughout all of Dickinson County with an array of delicious choices. One of those delicious summertime hotspots is just a few steps from your room at The Okoboji Commons Hotel. Get a quick lunch and a gourmet burger at the Smackhaus!

This is the second time this popular joint has made it on TIG, and we weren’t leaving the lakes without grabbing a bite here.
Cheesy, juicy, beefy and served hot off the Smackhaus grill! Perfect way to enjoy The Okoboji Commons Hotel even more. And, yes. Yes, I love you times a bazillion when you have a fabulous cheeseburger awaiting my arrival.
Have I mentioned how much of the summer you can embrace at The Okoboji Commons Hotel? Well, here’s another example! The patio is open with East Okoboji Lake in view from your chair while you’re kicking back. And look at that fire pit that’s waiting for your evening outdoors at the Commons!
Grab some drinks and bust these bad boys out. The greatest game of corn hole in Okoboji history could be played right here on these grounds. You gotta make it happen. How’s that sound for a memorable vacation at the lakes!
The rooms are fantastic, but we spent as much time as we could outside. You may get the urge as well when you show up. That inviting yard under those big blue NW-Iowa skies never gets old at The Okoboji Commons Hotel. How about a picnic in that pavilion back there!
Just down the hill from your room is this easy access into East Okoboji Lake. Puffy clouds, refreshing water and endless views with every trip down every jetty in Okoboji!

The long days of enjoying the lakes can make you really appreciate what The Okoboji Commons Hotel offers when you start feeling that summer getaway urging you to take it easy for a little while. Crank-up the AC, flip on the flat screen, and watch the evening arrive from this incredible property. Staying on lake time is even more enjoyable when you can have such a good time exploring the surroundings at The Okoboji Commons!

You have to say goodbye at some point. One more snuggle with the Union Jack before we move on…

Make your reservations for The Okoboji Commons Hotel on their website.

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  1. Okoboji Iowa has plenty of vacation activities to pass the time. Arnold’s Park, the Roof Garden, Green Space, hiking or biking the trails or sit and watch the diamonds dancing on the lake. Something for every age. I have been going there for 65 years.

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