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The Historic Hotel Greenfield With Its Unique SW-Iowa Public Square

*One of my favorite areas for long rural drives is the southwest region of Iowa. Not only does the countryside provide endless opportunities for beautiful pictures, but you’ll find historic districts like the Public Square in Greenfield! Our stay at Hotel Greenfield was complimentary. The views expressed in this blog post are of our own. Now, let’s Gallivant!

Historic brick structures like this are all around the Greenfield Public Square. This town is blessed with beautiful architecture and that includes Hotel Greenfield. 110 East Iowa Street 641-221-0034

Greenfield, IA: Adair County

We search for all sorts of lodging destinations and on the top of our list, when it comes to our favorite types, are the places that’re just steps away from wonderful business districts and Main Streets. Hotel Greenfield is one of those properties that’s attached to one of Iowa’s most beautiful squares with restaurants, shops, local watering hole, historic buildings, and plenty of SW-Iowa charm in this wonderful Adair County seat!

One of the local celebrities that greeted us when we checked in to Hotel Greenfield! Henry A. Wallace was one of the most important Americans of the 21st century and his life started in nearby Orient, Iowa.
I absolutely love it when you’re handed an actual key for your room at a wonderful hotel. It’s a nostalgic touch and it makes me feel the historic impact of the structure you’re staying in.
I love murals with my coffee in the morning! Hotel Greenfield keeps you wandering throughout the building in a very pleasant way.
Downstairs is a refurbished ghost sign that is vibrant once again and adding to the ambiance of Hotel Greenfield.
The lobby shows off so much of Hotel Greenfield’s personality. The artwork, piano, design, and amazing flooring seemed to tell me not to rush anything today. Enjoy every moment as often as you can. The room upstairs can wait….
The downstairs bar is another inviting and comfortable area where you and your fellow guests can enjoy some cold ones. I was imagining decades of different styles in cocktails that must have been enjoyed at Hotel Greenfield.
Need a place for a meeting or gathering? How about one on the Public Square at Hotel Greenfield. Years and years of hospitality can be felt here.
It’s time to head up to the room but not before I make a phone call. Yes, operator! I need the Creston train station…Yes, I’ll hold for their switchboard….
Your breakfast is ready to be enjoyed whenever you want at Hotel Greenfield. Why wait until morning! Have a bowl of cereal or granola bar at anytime of the day!
The sounds and luxury of a comfortable leather chair cannot be compared to any other piece of furniture. Flat screen TV and a view of the Public Square to go with this relaxing scene.
The beds are comfortable and designed with the early 20th century in mind. Once again, you’ll never lose site of the history that Hotel Greenfield embraces throughout the entire property.
Outside of our room was a little collection of books for all of us to enjoy. There’s something about hotels like this that make you want to put down the phone and dive into a classic book.
Night time crept in on Adair County which meant the iconic green neon sign of Hotel Greenfield would help to light up the Public Square neighborhood it’s so proud to be a part of.

Exploring a community one step at a time will always be my preferred way to travel. Greenfield, Iowa let’s me do just that from the moment I exit this beautiful hotel on the Public Square. I seem to get to know the locals that much better when I know I don’t need to drive to enjoy the surroundings. A few more minutes than usual at the antique stores. A sharper eye when window shopping. Stopping to admire the historic structures while marveling over the architecture with lasting imagination. The look, sounds, aromas, and a long story of SW-Iowa can be experienced all over Adair County. And so much of it to grasp while you stay at Hotel Greenfield.

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