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Spencer’s Chophouse & Tavern in Creston, IA (Union Co)-The Western Iowa T-Bone Trail

*Congregate with some buddies over big portions of steaks and make this happen in SW-Iowa! The Union County seat has a certain chophouse that can be just the place to make this type of meetup a memorable and meaty one. Our meal at Spencer’s Chophouse & Tavern was complimentary. The views expressed in this blog post are of our own. Now, let’s Gallivant!

Uptown-Creston can be a delicious destination and the crew at Spencer’s are helping to lead the charge! 119 North Walnut Street 614-278-1008

Creston, IA: Union County

Traveling on a Western Iowa weekend is sure to lead you into a town that’s going to have a popular Prime Rib special that the locals rave about. It’s a common occurrence in many parts of the country, but this region seems to take their ovens, roasters, and smokers by the horns with a collective initiative to make this beefy staple into a masterful meal with every entertaining night out for all of us. Spencer’s Chophouse & Tavern is making the steak supper event an incredible one, and it’s a good time to plan a date night or gathering in the Southwest Iowa hub of Uptown-Creston!

Making another appearance on TIG is another restaurant that can make wonderful salads. It might sound simple to do, but not everyone pulls this off. The effort to make this course into a satisfying part of your night can be easily experienced at Spencer’s in Creston. Are you ordering Bleu cheese dressing over their fresh lettuce and veggies? Great! Look at the extra mile Spencer’s puts in with those rich Bleu cheese crumbles garnishing the top!
Made from scratch onion rings can always liven up any get together. Spencer’s cuts theirs thin with a light, and crispy batter. Served nice and hot!
One of the special apps during our night at Spencer’s Chophouse was this wonderful chili glazed shrimp. A little spice to go with our evening in Uptown-Creston!
Then it was time for this showcase’s headliner. Spencer’s famous Prime Rib! Slow cooked and cut oh’so thick with a perfect crust of seasoning on the outside. Wonderful au jus in every bite and buttery made from scratch mashed potatoes to soak it all in. Tender and very flavorful! Click on the video below and see what we’re talking about….
The Prime Rib section is open at Spencer’s Chophouse & Tavern in Creston, Iowa!

Let’s go a step further when it comes to your night out in Uptown-Creston. Walk around this district and observe all the public art with one of the best collections of murals you’ll find within any American city. Then stop at the brewery and grab a beverage. Discover more murals after that! Dine at Spencer’s and create a fantastic night-out inside this historic neighborhood. Oh, hey! You can get a hotel room or cabin and explore even more of Union County and the scenic roads of SW-Iowa the next day. Look what a juicy Prime Rib in Creston can do for a road trip!

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