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Mother Nature’s in Estherville, IA (Emmet Co): The Western Iowa T-Bone Trail

*Our road trips have given us a truly incredible path into the off the beaten path areas throughout all our years on The Iowa Gallivant. This included Emmet County and a trip into Estherville where it’s famous for the historical meteor impact, and now a local restaurant is making quite an impact too. Our meal at Mother Nature’s was complimentary. The views expressed in this blog post are of our own. Now, let’s Gallivant!

We’re in the Emmet County seat of Estherville and you can say that it has a restaurant they can thank “Mother Nature” for. Let’s have another steak night in Northwest Iowa! 1027 East Central Ave 712-362-9004

Estherville, IA: Emmet County

Let’s get a steak in Western Iowa and keep’em coming! The list of beefy masterpieces that we enjoyed in this region just keeps going and going which includes a stop in Estherville and its local venue for juicy steaks at Mother Nature’s! Let the streets of Sirloins open up in Emmet County!

The Tri-Tip Sirloin at Mother Nature’s is wonderfully seasoned and you could tell this wasn’t the kitchen’s first rodeo. It was a family led endeavor with a bowl of Mom’s delicious homemade potato salad joining this steaky sensation!
Look at the care put into this Tri-Tip! This Sirloin was one of the juiciest I’ve ever had and perfectly tender. A beautiful and just an amazing beefy flavored steak that was cooked to perfection. This region knows how to do steak night right in Iowa! Click on the video below and see what I’m talking about…..
The one and only Tri-Tip Sirloin we had on the T-Bone Trail and it was a scrumptious one!

Steaks weren’t the only thing that Mother Nature’s deliciously prepared for us during this evening’s supper. This visit to Estherville took us on a surf and turf ride with a big bowl of pasta joining the fun on the Western Iowa T-Bone Trail!

Creamy Pasta Alfredo that was big on shrimp and rich parmesan cheese!

Mother Nature’s had a kitchen crew that took the time to visit with us and even joke around a little. I miss the years I had working in restaurants so it’s also gratifying to reconnect with the brethren I seem to grow up with. Thank you for another fantastic meal, Mother Nature’s! And thank you for indulging an old school cook who travels the roads to find great locals like we found in Estherville.

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