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Wagon Wheel Café in West Bend, IA (Palo Alto Co): The Western Iowa T-Bone Trail

*The little town of West Bend is known for something VERY big. However, this community will tell you that there’s more than just one legendary place you should visit when you arrive. There’s always going to be something unforgettable getting prepared in the kitchens of NW-Iowa! Our meal at theWagon Wheel Café was complimentary. The views expressed in this blog post are of our own. Now, let’s Gallivant!

Just down the street from the worlds largest grotto is the Wagon Wheel Café and it’s owned and operated by one heck of a local family! 123 South Broadway 515-887-2145

West Bend, IA: Palo Alto County

Countless visitors have made the trek to West Bend to marvel at what is one of Iowa’s most well known and popular attractions. The Shrine of the Grotto of the Redemption which is also known as the world’s largest grotto. Yup, a famous structure like that can bring in the masses, but so can a heavenly restaurant. West Bend has one of those too, and you need to click on the video below and get a glimpse inside the Wagon Wheel Cafe!

Surf and turf at one of the most popular restaurants in all of NW-Iowa! One visit here and you’ll realize why it’s so busy and busting at the seams with local customers that adore everything about it.

Did you see how juicy that Ribeye was??? The lights are reflecting off of that mouthwatering slice of beef, and I could tell it was ready to be the star of the show. We were told by locals and out-of-town’ers to make the trip into West Bend for the Wagon Wheel and this establishment more than lived up to the hype. This business has a great reputation and it was exciting to be in one of the busiest restaurants on the T-Bone Trail!

Starting off was a big bowl of fresh salad and I ate every bit of it. Crisp lettuce, dee-lish veggies, and a great Ranch dressing poured all over it!
Just look at those huge wedges of broasted potatoes! They’re even better when you soak’em in those rich Ribeye juices. That’s a pro tip right there, folks!

There’s nothing better than literally hearing your steak getting shuttled to the table. This breathtaking Ribeye was popping on the sizzle plate and it was sizzling a tune that made me crave it even more. Buttery shrimp scampi, juicy steaks, crisp salad, and tons of awesome company all around us enjoying the Wagon Wheel! That’s why we do this and it’s what makes us happier than anything on our Gallivants. What a Western Iowa treasure in West Bend!

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