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Billie Jo’s Bar & Grill in Algona, IA (Kossuth Co): The Western Iowa T-Bone Trail

*When you’re in a huge county, it should be easy to find a great steak supper when you have a huge appetite. We found one that was perfectly aged with a host of appetizer buddies! Our meal at Billie Jo’s Bar & Grill was complimentary. The views expressed in this blog post are of our own. Now, let’s Gallivant!

The business district and main drag of Algona features this popular restaurant that has landed on The Iowa Gallivant multiple times. The moment has come to see it on the inaugural Western Iowa T-Bone Trail! 4 East State Street 515-295-2734

Algona, IA: Kossuth County

Move over all you other counties! Western Iowa is home to big’ol Kossuth and it’s the largest chunk of the state we have. Kossuth County stretches from the Minnesota border to the north to Humboldt County in the south and it takes a driver roughly an hour to travel from those points. That’s like going to Iowa City to Moline and never leaving a single county! It’s most populated city is Algona and it was a return trip for us to this area in more ways than one. We caught up with some friends and revisited some places we’ve enjoyed years before and that included Billie Jo’s Bar & Grill!

Starting the night out at Billie Jo’s with a round of boneless chicken wings! They have a great selection of sauces to go with these crispy mouthfuls and you can also order their traditional wings as well. Don’t pass on the appetizers at Billie Jo’s y’all! We’re not done with that section on the menu….
What a great way to transition the palate before the next course! (Dang that sounded classy) Fresh salad with plenty of blue cheese dressing and crunchy croutons to chomp away at. Pass the pepper!
Where do they find room in the fryers for these along with everything else??? Billie Jo’s has legendary onion rings and I love having this classic crunch tangoing with my entrée wherever I go. Don’t turn away when you see these coming out of the kitchen. Create some extreme eye contact, get a game plan going, attack, and never forget the ultimate goal. Finish them! Oh btw…It’s time to introduce that steak I was talking about in the video below….
28 days later and this aged Ribeye found a home that will keep it nice and safe. Tasty devil you!
This Ribeye was masterfully aged for 28 days before making it to the charbroiled and then onto my plate at Billie Jo’s. You can literally taste the care that went into every bite. Such a delicious beefy flavor with juices that seem to reflect the happy face of mine looking down at it. Great work once again, Billie Jo’s!
I wasn’t getting away without having one of their cold beers! Billie Jo’s Bar & Grill has a fantastic list of beers including some Iowa craft brews. Something I’m always on the look out for when I travel.

The entire staff did an amazing job when we were here. Each time! There was no doubt in my mind that we would have a wonderful and memorable steak supper at Billie Jo’s and I was excited to have them on our calendar for one of the greatest steak filled promotions ever. See you on State Street-Algona again, NW-Iowa!

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