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716 Main in Humboldt, IA (Humboldt Co): The Western Iowa T-Bone Trail

*Cold beer kept chilled, cheesy sides, oodles of cinnamon rolls, and those T-Bone Trail steaks we located all over Western Iowa. That sounds like a trip to Humboldt! Our meal at 716 Main was complimentary. The views expressed in this blog post are of our own. Now, let’s Gallivant!

I love it when you can create a “main” event wherever you want. That’s what Humboldt’s 716 Main accomplishes everyday when it opens their doors! 716 Sumner Ave 515-332-1441

Humboldt, IA: Humboldt County

One of the largest restaurants we encountered during our huge road trip throughout Western Iowa would happen to be here in Humboldt. 716 Main has multiple levels of dining areas and it brings together one of the most entertaining atmospheres in NW-Iowa. Energetic house music pumping through the speakers, many flat screen TVs, a unique bar, trusty staff, and a menu that makes you want to keep adding onto your order. And there’s cinnamon rolls….Bring it!!!

For those of you who love the cinnamon roll and chili combo then you may have found your ultimate happy place in Humboldt. On this day, 716 Main offered this classic Midwestern delight and it was a help yourself site that I’d never seen before. I was even more happy that we finally “rolled” into Humboldt County!
Juicy Burger #1: My daughter ordered one of 716 Main’s cheeseburgers with her favorite BBQ sauce sidekick!
Juicy Burger #2: My son ordered the Cowboy Burger with its crispy onions, bacon, cheddar, and BBQ sauce. Here’s the kicker! The innovative young man also asked for a side of their rich and creamy mac-n-cheese to go with his first 716 Main meal. His next step was to add it to his bacon cheeseburger and he had one of the biggest handfuls of the inaugural Western Iowa T-Bone Trail!
You don’t worry about that, 716 Main! Let’s click on that video below and get a look at our beefy 10oz Sirloin that we became dear friends with in Humboldt!
Watch out, everyone! We’re about to have another “cheesy” mouthful on the T-Bone Trail!
A 10oz Sirloin with a piping hot bowl of potatoes au gratin. A match made in meat and potatoes heaven! Lean, juicy, and very tender. And that’s what we love in a quality Sirloin!
Remember that cold beer we mentioned earlier? 716 Main takes this beautiful moment to another level when you take a seat at what they call their Toolbar. I recommend one of their house beers from Tractor Lift Brewery and help yourself to the frosty bar-top to keep that pint glass nice and chilled between sips. That’s a phenomenal craft beer reason to make this trip to Humboldt!

That was just a sample of what you can enjoy at 716 Main in Humboldt, Iowa. There was plenty of other meals, appetizers, and sides we would have loved to see get delivered to our table, but that means we’ll just need to make another return. Guess what….We did just that!

We “crashed” a Western Iowa Tourism meeting that was being held on the upper level of 716 Main! One of the lunch selections was the Toolbar Burger and its 50/50 mix of ground steak and bacon. Talk about some great TIG timing on the T-Bone Trail!

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