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Jonny B’s Pub & Grub in Pocahontas, IA (Pocahontas Co): The Western Iowa T-Bone Trail

*The town is called Pocahontas on the map, but the locals call this county seat “Poky”! It’s a great Main Street community with another incredible NW-Iowa restaurant that prepared a huge supper that features tons of tasty beef! Our meal at Jonny B’s Pub & Grub was complimentary. The views expressed in this blog post are of our own. Now, let’s Gallivant!

You better stop by one of Iowa’s best roadside attractions when you get to Poky. A steak night in this town capped off with a beautiful Western Iowa horizon in the Princess City!

Pocahontas, IA: Pocahontas County

Get ready for a wonderful looking meal in Pocahontas! 310 North Main Street 712-335-4559

The road trip stories we’ve collected have included acres of wonderful moments in local small town restaurants from all over the map. It’s the true specialty of The Iowa Gallivant and I’ll never stop the pursuit of experiencing as many of them as I can get to. Jonny B’s Pub & Grub is a family operated establishment we’re magnetized to and they showed us how gourmet rural NW-Iowa can be. Let’s, get after it!

Jonny B’s gets the appetite roaring right away with their fresh salads. Look at that chunky blue cheese dressing! Click on the video below and see what’s coming next!
One beef inspired dish after another at Jonny B’s! And we knew it was going to be amazing!
That video says a lot but you gotta get to Poky and start salivating over their menu. This steak sandwich is loaded with juicy beef and it’s even better when it hits that cup of rich au jus!
One of the Iowa classics, and huge gifts to the steak world, is beautifully prepared at Jonny B’s. They take a tender cut of filet mignon, wrap it in bacon, and serve it with an unforgettable creamy sauce…That’s Steak de Burgo on Main Street-Poky! Are you seeing those loaded hash browns? Ohhhhhhh, yea!!!!
Cooked just the way I like it! I love my filets on the rare side and swirling each bite into the Jonny B’s de Burgo sauce is a genuinely incredible way to enjoy a meal like this.
Slow cooked Prime Rib to make this steak night complete! Tender, wonderfully cooked, and tasting as good as it looks!

I’d take an atomic leg drop from the top rope for this meal again. The open road can always provide some gourmet nights like this, and they’re filled with excited locals that you’ll meet in Poky!

Hey, look! There’s one of those locals I was talking about! Thanks to the whole crew at Jonny B’s Pub & Grub for a fantastic steak supper!

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