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3-Mile Lake w/ its Miles of Views, Trails, & Beauty: Union County, Iowa Cabins

*Southwest Iowa is a beautiful destination that has ample amounts of public land with wonderful campsites and cabins. This includes the rolling hills and lakes of Union County. Our stay at 3-Mile Lake & Rec Area was complimentary. The views expressed in this blog are of our own. Now, let’s Gallivant!

There’s ample amounts of avenues that can keep you entertained, active, and relaxed at the same time when you’re at 3-Mile Lake & Rec Area near Afton, Iowa! 3 Mile Cabin Lane 641-347-5100

Afton, IA: Union County

You’re about to see some fun loving moments from the 2021 summer of our constant road trips. It’s a great reminder to start preparing your own getaways for another summer ahead. Especially if you want to book a cabin at 3-Mile Lake! Want to get one for a weekend in 2022? Then it would be good to make a reservation…..NOW!!! But don’t forget that these modern little structures are open all year long, and they’re great for those wintertime cabin fever symptoms that you know will be setting in at some point. Cabins for all four seasons in Union County!

Let’s Go Exploring

Hello, I’m JayJay and I’ll be your guide to this wonderous county park in SW-IA! That’s the front yard of my cabin btw….
Scenic views are in no short supply at 3-Mile. Normal chores of mowing grass can create a classic rural Iowa moment like this. and it always looks better with a picturesque lake in the background.
Have a boat? Well, then you have your heading! 3-Mile Lake is one of the best fishing destinations you’ll find in Western Iowa.
We explored countless miles of Western Iowa hiking trails including 3-Mile Lake’s. You’ll see wildflowers, tall grass, and the breeze that goes through it all at this Union County rec area.

Plan Your Rural & Scenic Gathering

Needing more than a hiking trail and some scenery? Your next party, outing, team build, meeting, banquet, wedding, reunion, or any large gathering could happen here at Three Mile Lodge!
Modern facility with a rustic SW-Iowa look on the lake!
And you still get the beautiful view at 3-Mile Lodge! Imagine all those group pictures with this backdrop during that memorable soirée you get booked near Afton and Creston!

There’s the first course of this premiere rec area that began its story in the 1990s. Your story begins when you show up and start enjoying yourself in the comfort of all that’s offered at 3-Mile. Or you can getaway from your daily life and just sink into one of the comfortable cabins that overlook the lake!

Cabin Time

3-Mile Lake took the natural beauty of Union County and formed it into a man made treasure for all to experience.
Each cabin has its own front yard that features a wonderful view each day ad night you’re at the lake.
The entrance and front porch to my cabin sweet cabin at 3-Mile Lake. A rural retreat that I know so many could use no matter what time of year it is.
Inside is a group of bunks that can keep you and your guest cozy. This cabin has a cool AC for the warmer months and a nice heater for the cooler months.
A couch to sprawl out on as the SW-Iowa sunlight pours into your cabin.
Supply up in nearby Creston and get that fridge filled!
Another reminder to bring your own bedding when you utilize Iowa’s county parks. Guess what…I forgot to bring mine on this trip to 3-Mile! Good thing nearby Creston had plenty of options to buy some fresh linens and pillows so I could stay snuggly in my cabin.
Perhaps you don’t need a cabin. If the camper or RV life is what you live for then 3-Mile Lake is your place. Great sites with all that peacefulness you seek in a rural-Iowa getaway.
3-Mile is equipped with modern bathrooms and shower facilities. This is always a comforting site after a long and eventful day at any rec area.
Trap shooter? Then checkout this trap shooting club at 3-Mile! One of the best of its kind in Iowa and it’s all under that endless Western Iowa sky.
Fishing is one the most popular perks at 3-Mile. This lake is very well known for the stock it’s loaded with and you’ll love the indoor fish cleaning facility. It’s one of the nicest you’ll ever use and it’s ideal for those winter days on the lake.

Southwest Iowa has always felt like home to me, but I viewed and absorbed it in a way I have never seen or felt before. This region and state showed more of its splendor in an amazing and unforgettable way during every stop we made in 2021. Union County was a gem I knew was out there and I just needed to discover it all over again.

Those 3-Mile Lake sunflowers aren’t going to take pictures of themselves. Make your reservations today!

Make your reservations for your 3-Mile Lake cabin or campsite at MyCountyParks.com

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