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Endless Mealtimes on an Alabama Beaches Foodie FlexCation

We’re always going to have a lot to be thankful for. Especially during the winter months! This holiday season we had the opportunity to head down to the wonderful Alabama gulf coast for a Christmas themed Gallivant. This time it’s one of the tastiest getaways that Professor WhiteSand has ever experienced!

Is it that Christmas tree’s birthday? Dang! Bama’s beach communities know how to get-down for the holidays!

Gulf Shores & Orange Beach, AL: Baldwin County

*We had the great pleasure to be hosted by the awesome folks at Gulf Shores and Orange Beach Tourism. Some of our meals, services, and goods were complimentary. The views expressed are always of our own. Let’s gallivant, Bama!

Alabama Seafood

You don’t go to ANY coastal community without seeing oodles of ways to enjoy local seafood. Alabama’s beaches are no different and they have an amazing legion of restaurants that are eager to serve everyone who makes it to Gulf Shores & Orange Beach. However, there’s an added specialty down here on Bama’s gulf coast. You get fresh seafood, prepared by very talented kitchens, with plenty of unforgettable southern Soul Food elements in many of the tasty dishes. All-American seafood cooking that can make every generation happy!

Orange Beach has a lot of choices and Bubba’s Seafood House jumps right out at’ya when cruising Perdido Beach Boulevard!
Gigi putting in some heavy lifting with her fried shrimp Po’Boy. Look out for Mom behind you! To the right is a mound of tangy fried pickles and below that is the fish so nice they named it twice. Mahi-Mahi with hush puppies and fried okra!
Alabama is proud of their catfish and so is Bubba’s. Look to the left and see how crispy and delicious those fillets are! Battered crab claws and Bubba’s rich gumbo to round out this Orange Beach lunch experience.
It’s always nice to see the crew enjoying their time with the customers here at Bubba’s!
A family owned Gulf Shores staple for 25 years and directly on Gulf Shores Parkway near many shopping options. Souvenir-up and then seafood-up at King Neptune’s!
Many-many options when it comes to locally respected and down right awesome seafood at King Neptune’s. Plus there’s more options for diners who are looking beyond fish! Let’s move from left to right…That handsome devil is holding up a fried oyster Po’Boy, more of the areas popular gumbo, coconut shrimp, chicken Alfredo, another loaded shrimp Po’Boy for the Geegster, and some incredible crab cakes! Yes, I would love a tall glass of sweet tea…
Just a short way down from our Orange Beach condo rental at Turquoise Place, is Shrimp Basket on Perdido Beach Boulevard!
There’s nothing better than when you need a quality seafood supper on the go, and it’s all still hot when you get it back to the kitchen counter. The Shrimp Basket had more of the wonderful service that’s all over the area, and the food was quickly packed into the containers and soon into our bellies. Stuffed flounder, more crab cakes, a cheeseburger, greens, and plenty of fries for everyone!

Pelican Place at Craft Farms

We’ve all been there during a family vacation. Each person has their own cravings and sometimes you just wish you can take care of all of them at once without the drama. Just take a drive up Gulf Shores Parkway to Pelican Place at Craft Farms and your wish could be granted. Either find a place you know you’ll all love or spread out like we did!

Papa bear found the local hot dog joint! Wacked Out Weiner-Gulf Shores has “unlimited” enjoyment when it comes to your meal. You’ll see just what I mean by that….
The Frito Pie Dog! An all beef Nathan’s Frank topped with chili, crushed Frito chips, onions, and sour cream. That’s not all! I added jalapeños and WOW’s spicy seasoning because this place has unlimited toppings. Pile your hot dog high while you’re here! WOW will make sure won’t ever forget where you’ll find one of the most entertaining restaurants and owners in Gulf Shores! Watch the video below and see what I’m talking about….
That’s the life of a hot dog professional right there, folks!
Margarita Loca Bar & Grill for platters of sizzling Mexican food!
Carnitas up top and enchiladas below! Many of us get the cravings for big portions of Mexican cooking and basket after basket of chips and salsa. You got your place right here at Pelican Place!
One of the most well known and popular ice cream shops on Alabama’s gulf coast. The Yard Milkshake Bar has an unbelievable selection of sweet tooth inspired delights. Get something that’s constructed in one of their collectable jars and achieve another souvenir from Gulf Shores!

Just down the street from Pelican Place at Craft Farms is a little eatery that calls out to particular chicken lovers out there. We don’t have one of these restaurants anywhere close to us, in Iowa, and our daughter had it towards the top of her mealtime wish list on this Gallivant to Alabama Beaches. It’s time for Chicken Salad Chick in Gulf Shores!

Sandwiches, salads, dips and more! A great and light lunch idea for folks looking to have this classic meal. A respect any place that can make a chicken salad that puts a smile on Leah like that!

Steak Night

Back to Orange Beach and Perdido Beach Boulevard! Carver’s Steakhouse & Seafood to beef-up this Gallivant to Alabama Beaches!
A juicy ribeye paired with delicious sides of garlic mashed potatoes and a fork full of mushrooms with every meaty bite! Carver’s service was as lovely as this steak and everyone we met had those big Alabama smiles you’ll see everywhere. The food was incredible and we were entertained by the staff at every turn!

Gulf State Park Dining

The locals are very proud of their slice of wilderness which is known as Gulf State Park! Hiking and biking trails, bird watching, public beach, beautiful pier, modern lodging, camping, unique scenery, and wonderful dining. Woodside Restaurant is one of those many family friendly venues in Gulf Shores & Orange Beach.
Look at that mac-n-cheese induced smile! Top left is the smoked tuna melt with cheddar on rye that turned out to be one of the best of its kind that we’ve enjoyed during our gallivants. Next up is the breaded Leavell chicken sandwich with bread and butter pickles and roasted tomatoes on a brioche bun. That’s should be a contender in the national crispy chicken sandwich battles going on! Then came the grilled chicken thighs on herbed basmati rice with baby arugula, forest mushrooms, and chimichurri. That’s a memorable meal in the Alabama woods!
You can get those local souvenirs purchased at Woodside too! Look at all those books to keep the family entertained while you’re enjoying Alabama Beaches.
The Gulf State Park crew is ready for visitors all year long at Woodside and beyond!

Food Trucks

You’ll spot some food trucks when you get to Gulf Shores & Orange Beach. One of them is Gnarwhal Streetfood that’s positioned at Big Beach Brewing!
Gnarwhal changes their menu quite often, so step up to the window for some surprising creations. One of them may be their breakfast nachos with a sunny side egg and crisped pork carnitas! They love using local ingredients which means you’re supporting a-whole-lotta Bama when you belly up to this food truck.


Our condo got quite a workout when it came to mealtime. There’s something very comforting about having the traditional Chinese restaurant just a few blocks away when you have to feed a pack of hungry gallivant’ers. Orange Beach’s China Dragon to the rescue with its big menu of great takeout options! There’s a lot of careful concentration happening in the construction of these plates….
We weren’t stepping away from the seafood during this round of China Dragon. Hot broth with noodles, veggies, and more shrimp making another appearance!

One More Meal for the Road

Near the park and just off of Gulf Shores Parkway is Hazel’s Nook. It was filled with locals and you can tell it’s been a go-to breakfast and lunch location for generations of folks.
We showed up to Hazel’s Nook at the right time. There was 20 minutes left on their breakfast buffet and they let us stick around for the lunch choices with no extra charge. Oh baby! This was a stick to your ribs dream come true. From omelet station to fried chicken and delicious Alabama cookin’ in every pan. Biscuits and gravy, grits, cheesy hash browns, salad bar, greens, meatloaf, mashed taters…..

That’s right, folks! Plenty of portions to go’round when you’re in Gulf Shores & Orange Beach. If you’re working from home then pack that car up and call the white sand your home for awhile. Every break, lunch hour, and those after work cravings are ready to be ordered all over this beautiful destination. FlexCation that foodie side of yourself at Alabama Beaches!

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