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Sunset & Sunrise in Another Amazing Loess Hills Cabin: Harrison County’s Willow Lake Rec Area

*I always have summer vibes no matter what season we’re in, and planning my future summer trips is one of my favorite winter hobbies. However, I love cabin getaways no matter what time of year it is. Our stay at Willow Creek Rec Area was complimentary. The views expressed are of our own. Now, let’s Gallivant!

Sunrise in Harrison County and just down the road from a charming town known as Woodbine. 2725 Easton Trail 712-647-2785

Woodbine, IA: Harrison County

Sunset to sunrise and a whole lot of Harrison County and the Loess Hills in between. That was our day in this Western Iowa scenic countryside with its miles and miles of three inviting byways. Hilly trails, winding blacktops, off the beaten path overlooks, wonderful restaurants, and communities full of fantastic locals. It was an exciting day of exploring, but we were very happy to relax at Willow Lake Rec Area and it’s Monarch Ridge deluxe cabin!

Explore the Cabin

Facing the lake and supplying an unbelievable view of this scenic county. Monarch Ridge cabin was all we needed during this leg of the Western Iowa T-Bone Trail!
Equipped with a full kitchen for all those fish you’re going to cook from the lake! Or whatever you feel like…it’s your cabin!
Living room turned into a spare bedroom! Futons can be some the greatest lifesavers when it comes creating comfortable arrangements on a road trip. And you get some great rural ambiance with yours at Willow Lake. And remember to always bring your own bedding whenever you make reservations at Iowa’s many county parks.
Then there’s the master bedroom and the bed is wonderful! I know I needed to put my sheets on first but it was a long and eventful day of gallivanting!
These cabins at Willow Lake know how to keep folks feeling very comfortable when we’re away from home. We all look forward to a hot shot shower and you’ll have a great one here in these modern facilities.
Flip the channels on the flat screen TV and kickback a little!
Or take your moments of chill’axing out on the deck and watch the Harrison County natural wonders all around you.

Lake Time

The beach is a wonderful spot from sun up to sundown and it supplies another of Harrison County’s amazing views that you’ll lose count of while you’re exploring the Loess Hills. Gorgeous sites like this are all over this Western Iowa!

Hot Dogs at Sunset

The hot dogs are always better over a campfire! Your front lawn at Monarch Ridge has a fire pit, picnic table, and that amazing view I keep talking about. This is fully loaded Harrison County park experience!
Hot dogs in a hamburger bun and smothered in BBQ sauce. That’s what I’m talking about! Picked up all these ingredients at the store in the little town of nearby Pisgah and viola! We also prepared another course….
Flaming marshmallows!
Dinner and dessert sponsored by this breathtaking Western Iowa sunset.

Wake Up & Take A Hike

The walking trail goes through the prairie grass and around Willow Lake with plenty the natural sites and sounds that hit all your senses. Harrison County has countless miles of wonderful trails and Willow Lake’s path provides a perfect beginning to your day by staying active. Keep exploring!
It wasn’t easy packing up when you have this setting looking back at you first thing in the morning….

Get those spring, summer, and even fall reservations booked ASAP for 2022! Especially if you’re looking to make Willow Lake a weekend getaway. Or just throw those routine weekday plans into the air and book a Monday-Thursday trip to the Loess Hills when these cabins can be easier booked. It’s beautiful out there and let’s make Harrison happen every year! Btw….There’s still some days left in 2021…..Road trip!!!!

Make your reservations for Willow Lake Rec Area at MyCountyParks.com

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