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A Loess Hills Homestead: The Reese Cabin of Turin, Iowa

*We experienced this beautiful patch of the Loess Hills over the summer, but it’s available all year long. Our stay at R.T. Reese Homestead was complimentary. The views expressed in this blog post are of our own. Now, let’s Gallivant!

The Loess Hills are home to many beautiful areas and one of our favorite places we found is just outside of the tiny town of Turin and it’s R.T. Reese’s cabin. 22171 Larpenteur Memorial Road 712-433-2400

Turin, IA: Monona County

We drove through Eastern, Central, and then deep into the Western Iowa reaches of Monona County along the Missouri River, and its bordering our Nebraska neighbors. Before you encounter the Missouri you’ll find the Loess Hills and it’s endless scenery that’s unique to Iowa and North America. In the middle of this stretch of wilderness, that stretches into 7 Iowa counties, is the small community of Turin that seems to conform its layout right into the ancient silt of the hills. It’s positioned close to nearby Onawa, the Monona County seat, and directly on the Loess Hills National Scenic Byway. Just down the road from Turin’s city limits is the R.T. Reese Homestead and one of the most memorable cabins we’ve ever seen on our gallivants. Scenic and cozy Western Iowa at its finest at a cabin ready for all of us year round.

Live From the Front Patio

The Reese cabin has a great front patio equipped a BBQ grill and plenty of sunshine!
The front patio also has a great view of the sprawling Loess Hills that this homestead has been positioned into since it was settled.

Get Aquatinted with Every Square Inch

A full kitchen with, pots, pans, toaster, cooking equipment, spices, silverware, plates, coffeemaker, tea pot, and more. This cabin is furnished with everything you need to make memorable meals the entire time at the R.T. Reese Homestead!
The living room is more than comfortable. Sprawl out on the couch and think about getting that nap taken care of while relaxing in Western Iowa’s Monona County.
Or spring up and get the DVD player revved up! This cabin has a selection of movies and a flat screen TV to enjoy them on. Do you see what I’m holding? That’s all the Rocky and Die Hard movies! That’s an entire weekend in my hands!

Call Your Bunk

Multiple rooms and bunk beds to go with them. As with every County and State Park I’ve ever been to, you need to remember your own bedding. Your favorite pillow and sleeping bag gets a road trip too!
This girl remembered to pack all of her favs!

Breakfast Time

Look how huge this table is! Imagine your entire group loving the meal you prepared and several rounds of card games while you’re spending a getaway in the Loess Hills!
And then there’s breakfast time at the cabin. Steak, eggs, hash browns, and biscuits made in that full kitchen we couldn’t wait to dive into.

Full & Modern Bathroom

One of the biggest worries for travelers is how they’re going to maintain one of the precious routines we all have. That is getting ready with our morning ritual! Modern sink, toilet, and….
…..A wonderful shower with hot water! You can relax knowing that you can start and end your day with a bathroom that’s just right.

Take a Hike

Just outside the back door is a prairie preserve and a short hiking trail into the nearby timber. Go exploring while you’re at the R.T. Reese Homestead!
And those majestic Loess Hills are always along the scenic byway that’s just outside your front door of this unforgettable cabin near Turin, Iowa.

Saying that we wanted to spend more days at the Reese cabin is a giant understatement. This homestead had a big and very memorable impact on our Western Iowa road trip and I’m confident that we’re not the only ones that have felt that. Anytime of year is a great time of year to visit this area, but if you want to wait for summer then make your reservations ASAP! And don’t forget that weekdays may be easier to book so let’s make it happen. The ancient Loess Hills of Western Iowa has a homestead that’s ideal for any traveler in Monona County!

Make your reservations for R.T. Reese Homestead at MyCountyParks.com.

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