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Save Your Vacation Days: Plan an Alabama Beaches FlexCation!

Working at home? Needing a little inspiration? Cabin fever setting in? Let’s look at some options for all us grownups and get a FlexCation planned for Alabama Beaches and unwind while we get our work done!

*We had the great pleasure to be hosted by the awesome folks at Gulf Shores and Orange Beach Tourism. Some of our meals, services, and goods were complimentary. The views expressed are always of our own. Let’s gallivant, Bama!

Imagine ending the workday on the white sand of Alabama Beaches. Or starting it! (Photo provided by Gulf Shores & Orange Beach Tourism)

Gulf Shores & Orange Beach, Alabama: Baldwin County

No one wants to do work during a vacation. Then don’t! But, correct me if I’m wrong, many of us have been working away from the home office for months and what you really need is Wi-Fi, a few supplies, a phone, laptop, and the ability to knock out your work schedule like usual. Then let’s do it from Gulf Shores or Orange Beach! Here’s some great ways to settle in and create one of the greatest FlaxCations ever with the wavy Gulf Coast in full view…

You’ll Have the Best Office View of Your Life

Tablets, laptops, and smartphones oh-my! Your next Zoom meeting could have the soothing waves of the gulf in the background. That’s what I call a relaxing day on the job! (Photo provided by Gulf Shores & Orange Beach Tourism)

Get Those Steps Counted on Your Breaks

Bring that special someone along for the ride on your FlexCation. They say it’s important to stretch your legs, multiple times, during a long workday. Get moving and stay active on the beaches, piers, and trails at Alabama Beaches! (Photo provided by Gulf Shores & Orange Beach Tourism)
“Oh, sure! I can get that email out right away! Let me take a few more pics of the beautiful scenery on the Pine Beach Trail in the Bon Secour National Wildlife Refuge, and I’ll get right back to y’all!” (Photo provided by Gulf Shores & Orange Beach Tourism)

Company-HQ at Gulf State Park

A mobile workplace with quite a view and plenty of sunshine. The RV nation can get a lot of deadlines completed when you have surroundings like this during the winter! (Photo provided by Gulf Shores & Orange Beach Tourism)
Bring your dog wherever you go on your FlexCation! This one is for all of the camping lovers out there. Click here and make your own reservation at the Gulf State Park’s Outpost Campsites and rough it a little when you’re getting your project finished up.

No Traffic Jams

How about a free bike sharing program provided for you daily commute! Another amazing perk at Gulf State Park and you can take these bad-boys all around the area to locate that perfect spot to hammer out some miles while staying busy. (Photo provided by Gulf Shores & Orange Beach Tourism)
I wasn’t joking around about that way into work. Sunshine mixed with shady trees on the Hugh S. Branyon Backcountry Trail! (Photo provided by Gulf Shores & Orange Beach Tourism)

After Work Cocktails

We all have our preferences when it comes to kicking back after a long day, and Alabama Beaches can cater to so many of them. Tacky Jack’s Cigar Bar has the wide range of spirits and stogies to make that FlexCation nice and smoooooooooth.

Start Your Seafood Diet

Local oysters on the half shell at the Original Oyster House! Schedule that casual business meeting over this popular meal and keep the fresh oyster refills coming as you mull over your next big move and expansion plans from the comfort of Alabama Beaches!
Don’t worry about getting your vitamins. The Original Oyster House has some of the greatest Bloody Marys on planet Earth and they’re equipped with more of Alabama’s local shrimp!

It’s the Weekend Somewhere

It doesn’t matter what day of the week it is because the Flora-Bama Lounge will get you to kickback and knock’em back whenever you show up. Positioned directly on the Florida and Alabama state line with access to the white sand beach just steps away from anywhere at this unforgettable great American roadhouse!
That’s a very happy duo of FlexCation’ers at the Flora-Bama Lounge!
Dance, sing, enjoy Flora-Bama’s famous cocktails, and forget about everything you “worked” on earlier. Just absorb these amazing beach communities with every moment you have!

Start Everyday with A Huge Breakfast

The local seafood never goes on break from the menus here in Gulf Shores & Orange Beach. Get more of Bama’s tender and tasty shrimp at the Sunliner Diner for breakfast!

The opportunity for a grownup getaway that’s wrapped up in an unbelievable FlexCation is here in Alabama and on its beautiful beachfronts. Your coworkers will see the enjoyment on your face and hear the excitement in your voice. Along with the sounds of the tides during all those video conferences and phone calls. Set your own office hours in the white sand on those Alabama Beaches!

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“Great job with that presentation, babes! Let’s take a dip in that gulf behind us now!”

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