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Towering Grain Barn Turned Into an Unbelievable Lodge in rural Cherokee, Iowa

*What do you do with an old grain barn that’s about to be taken out to pasture? Let it collapse? Give it a date with a wrecking ball? Call the local fire department and setup a training exercise? How about completely remodeling it and turning it into one of Iowa’s most unbelievable lodges you’ll see anywhere in the Midwest? Can you guess where this is going? Our stay at The Grainery Lodge was complimentary. The views expressed in this blog post are of our own. Now, let’s Gallivant!

Through the outskirts of Cherokee is a towering lodge that could be the most spectacular barn in NW-Iowa! 1969 500th Street 712-261-6685

Cherokee, IA: Cherokee County

Are you looking for a venue that could host a large group that just wants to honky tonk their night away on the farm? Or maybe you need a wedding venue with a rural setting? Imagine that setting being able to host the rehearsal, rehearsal dinner, the wedding party for an overnight, the wedding, the wedding reception, and the endless mimosas breakfast the next day! Want an unforgettable family reunion location where folks of all ages will enjoy the grounds? How about a banquet, dance, meeting….Holy smokes! Just get your calendar out and start booking your plans for The Grainery Lodge in Cherokee, Iowa!


There’s skyscrapers constructed on numerous feet of concrete, and then there’s barns that seem to grow from the vary Iowa soil they were built on. Sure, there’s a foundation under this old grain barn, but it seems to create its own stories and history in a fluent unspoken way from the moment we arrived. As if a magic seed was planted and BOOM! A huge lodge was born! I knew the Grainery Lodge had a story, and I couldn’t wait to discover it.
There’s nothing like front porch vibes during a Gallivant in rural Cherokee County. Just one of a multitude of areas at the Grainery you want to spend hours enjoying.
Beautiful Western Iowa sunshine pouring into this magnificent living room. I feel more relaxed by just looking at this picture.
The nearby dining room with more quality furniture to snuggle up to. The Grainery has amazing style and design all over this old barn!
And look what greeted us! A pan of homemade cinnamon rolls made by Karen Clark who was one of several locals that welcomed us to Cherokee County! Placed on the counter of the Grainery’s full kitchen that’s equipped with all you need to make wonderful meals for your guests while you’re staying here.

Find Your Cozy Place

Multiple bedrooms with comfortable beds and linens at the Grainery. There’s many levels to this lodge and you’ll keep wondering what you’ll discover next!
I told you they have comfy bedrooms here at the Grainery! That’s one adorable papa bear right there.
Even though this grain barn has been updated with modern perks, the Mummert family keeps the rustic feel and ambiance going at every turn. Even in the bathroom! I hummed the Little House On the Prairie theme song every time I washed my hands at this sink….

Stay Entertained

A mini movie theatre inside the lodge and that’s what I call an entertainment center! A big flat screen TV, popcorn, an excellent sound system, and plenty of seats for your watch party. Click on the video below and get another sample of our favorite room at the Grainery Lodge!
Movie night at the Grainery Lodge!
Right behind the makeshift theatre is the billiards room. Have that action packed movie playing in the background while you show off your skills at the pool table!

Throw A Party

On the bottom level of the lodge is another kitchen and another place to gather. A large room with more TVs and plenty of banquet tables to setup the most epic potluck of your life!
Throughout the entire property is one of Iowa’s most impressive collections of vintage and antique signs. Some of your guests may have memories and stories that get rekindled when they tour the grounds and inside the buildings.
Yup! You just got an amazing idea didn’t you. This is one of the main buildings the Grainery offers and it too has a kitchen to keep the meals coming. Dances, receptions, and all around good times can be experienced here and it also has multiple levels to get the party rolling into the night. You can even host one of the most memorable BBQ celebrations as well! Click on the video below and see what the local Cherokee County Cattlemen brought to the Grainery…
Bring on the steaks that are professionally grilled by the Cherokee County Cattlemen!
A phenomenal T-Bone steak on the T-Bone Trail in Cherokee, Iowa! The Cattlemen know how to beef up a Gallivant at the Grainery Lodge!

Go For A Scenic Walk

There is so much amazement on The Grainery grounds whenever you open another door to another structure. What’s just as gratifying and inspiring is the land surrounding all these entertaining buildings. Yes, your gathering will have the gleeful sounds of folks enjoy themselves while the smoke from the grill wafts into the air, and the music triggers hours of dancing. There will also be peaceful and relaxing moments like you see in the pictures and hear in the video below….

Birds chirping in the pond and slow breezes through tall grass. The anthem of Western Iowa.
Watching a Western Iowa sunset on the farm. That’s one of the most inviting activities I can think of.
Another few more early morning laps around the unbelievable porch that wraps around the Grainery Lodge.
Have the kids get some energy out at the playground before starting that long drive home.

We can’t thank our hosts enough for supplying one of the most unique and memorable venues we’ve experienced on TIG. I still feel like there’s more of the Grainery Lodge that we could’ve discovered during our wonderful day here. That’s how much there is to explore and never forget at this remarkable facility. If you’re looking for a party, you can start and end your search here in Cherokee County!

Find information about the Grainery Lodge on their Facebook page.

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