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1015 Steak Company-Sibley, IA (Osceola Co): The Western Iowa T-Bone Trail

*The small town steakhouses of Western Iowa kept popping up mile after mile. This included the northwestern region on the Minnesota border and it’s where we found some of the best steaks of the year. Our meal at 1015 Steak Company was complimentary. The views expressed in this blog post are of our own. Now, let’s Gallivant!

You’re in great company when you’re in Sibley and at the 1015 Steak Company! 1015 2nd Ave

Sibley, IA: Osceola County

Ring that bell and call me in for supper, Sibley! This town has a steakhouse that’s charbroiling and smoking up some of the greatest treasures in beef. That means thick-cut steaks, brisket, and tender prime rib. We had the pleasure of getting all three with a big portion of breakfast to go with them!

Great things come to all who are patient. This smoked brisket was 16 hours in the making and turned into one of the greats when it comes breakfast sandwiches. My favorite meal of the day served at supper time and with beautifully smoked beef.
Smoked Prime Rib and it’s coming in juicy with flavorful au jus! BBQ joints are fantastic places for smoked meats, but they’re not the only places! Restaurants like 1015 Steak Company are home to skilled pit masters too!
There’s going to be a time when you wish you had butter for something but 1015 Steak Company will always have that wish granted. Especially when you order a perfectly cooked Ribeye like this one!

Road trips made tastier when you’re on the Western Iowa T-Bone Trail! We experienced many cuts of steak when we set out on this expedition and Sibley’s 1015 Steak Company had a wonderful selection. When is your next block of time-off going to be? Whenever it is, you should make far NW-Iowa one of your destinations and make these mouthwatering meals happen! Click on the video below and get another taste of this steak supper in Osceola County!

Now, that’s how to spend an evening in Sibley, Iowa!
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