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Professor WhiteSand Takes Us To School During an Alabama Beaches FlexCation

*It’s been a long time coming for many of us when it comes to taking that time off we need. However, many have perfected the art of mixing travel while keeping up with work and or school. Ladies and gentlemen, that’s the essence of a FlexCation and Alabama Beaches is the ideal destination for a break from that at-home office. Pack your laptop, review the lesson plans, and take the ultimate fieldtrip to Alabama’s popular beach communities. Professor WhiteSand insists!

*We had the great pleasure to be hosted by the awesome folks at Gulf Shores and Orange Beach Tourism. Some of our meals, services, and goods were complimentary. The views expressed are always of our own. Let’s gallivant, Bama!

Hey, kids! How about we take an educational road trip to the beach. Bama, here we come!

Gulf Shores, Fort Morgan, & Orange Beach, Alabama: Baldwin County

Give us sunshine, beaches, delicious restaurants, and family memories that could fill that beautiful gulf that makes these kind of getaways so amazing. However, Team Goodvin needs to stay focused and give the family an educational twist to our winter season FlexCation. No bells, schedules, text books, or lunch lady hairnets during this session. It’s an Alabama Beaches mini-semester that only Professor WhiteSand can teach!

Start the Day Off Like You’re at Home

Some things never change. Whether you’re on the way to work or school, you may need to be caffeinated to function. Your early morning FlexCation can get that proper boost at Beach Girl Coffee!


A great time to find and study the seashells on Alabama’s gulf coast is at sunrise. The best part is that you don’t have to catch the school bus and take a long drive to start your course. Gulf Shores & Orange Beach has a bevy of lodging opportunities that are on the beach and or walking distance to the coast like our condo was. The science and history of our planet with the calming Bama beach waters at your toes.

Physics & Marine Biology

State Parks in any community will always have an abundance of natural wonders and ways to spark your imagination through education. Gulf State Park takes all of that very seriously and then adds fun ways to keep our noggins active.
Our buddy, Ted was the instructor for the State Pier’s Angler Academy. He teaches you all you need to know about angles, weight, windspeed, tension, balance, torque, and so much more when it comes to fishing on Bama’s gulf coast. Listen to these lifetime fishermen because they have an unbelievable amount of knowledge on everything that can be experienced during a day at sea.
Eye on the prize, Gigi!

The lesson continues when you get to the pier. Didn’t bring fishing equipment? No probs! This class is fully equipped with professional assistance that provides top quality rods, hooks, bait, and a lot of storytelling from your instructor. That goes with the territory during any type of fishing experience!

That’s a big smile provided by a day in the Orange Beach sunshine!

Guess what! We learned about that little seagoing monster before Leah ever caught it! Ted gave us a rundown of the common species you may reel-in while at the State Pier. Turned out that Leah brought in one of the most valuable fish you can catch at Gulf State Park and then rereleased it for another angler to enjoy…Or maybe we’re coming back for it!

Math & Economics

There is no shortage of souvenirs in Gulf Shores & Orange Beach. There’s also plenty of shopping carts available which is a concept I need to figure out. Check your budget and see how much you can take home from Alabama Beaches. There’s oodles of businesses that bring in much needed revenue to every community and that’s no different here. That novelty bumper sticker or t-shirt that you purchased builds the local economy and the folks who call Alabama Beaches home are always gracious and appreciate all of the support from their visitors.


To me, the best way to learn about a region is through the locals and the food they’re so proud of. There’s an amazing spectrum of restaurants and this is just a small sample of the greatness you can devour in Gulf Shores & Orange Beach!

I know you’re on the coast, but seafood isn’t the only fare that’s offered in Gulf Shores & Orange Beach. We all love pizza and family owned restaurants so that means Papa-Rocco’s is one of the wonderful places to have some cheesy moments during your FlexCation!
Let’s get back to that seafood, shall we. Mikee’s Seafood has some of the best we’ve enjoyed and with Soul Food slam dunk we were seeking. The history of what’s tasty in Alabama is in every bite of this delicious meal.
Alabama is also home to a legion of important ranchers who raise premium cattle that produces juicy beef. Po’Boy sandwiches are a southern staple and the Flying Harpoon 2 has an unforgettable rich and meaty Roast Beef Debris.


Let’s take a break from the brakes! Get some laps in and learn to handle another model while you’re exploring Alabama Beaches!

Mission accomplished! Open it up at The Track Family Fun Park-Gulf Shores and never take your foot off the pedal on your FlexCation!


Holy smokes there’s an amazing amount of ways to stay active when you’re visiting Alabama Beaches. We found a great time on the water while working out our muscles and exploring more of the area’s natural wonders at the same time!

Costal Kayak Excursions has your kayak ready to-go when you arrive at the docks in Orange Beach. The guides know everything about the path you’ll be taking and they strive to make your kayak adventure educational and enjoyable. Learn about the natural vegetation, the local dolphins, more sea life, currents, and geographic locales while bulking up you upper body on your FlexCation!


My favorite subject! Double bonus…I’m also a Civil War buff and historic Fort Morgan State Historic Site is the perfect spot for important Alabama and US history.

Fort Morgan was built to last and now we can all explore its hallowed grounds during peaceful and respectful tours.
From the War of 1812 and into the mid 20th century, Fort Morgan was an active line of defense. The battle of Mobile Bay was waged on its shores, during the Civil War when an iconic naval commanded was shouted out to the fighting sailors during the siege. “Damn the torpedoes!”
Relics of what protected this precious bay are still here at Fort Morgan.


My second favorite class! The Barefoot Bungalow, that Lucky Bird Vacations provided us, was the ideal way to take an afternoon catnap. Look at that relaxed papa-bear!

Family Consumer Science

Let’s stay at the Barefoot Bungalow and whip up a meal in this amazing full sized kitchen! This Lucky Bird Vacations condo is modern, so comfortable, and felt like a vacation home we’ve been coming to for years!


Another department that a dad like me would like to know more about. Let’s head to Luna’s Eat & Drink and get an education on how their brewery produces fantastic local beers! Every brewer has an inner mad scientist and they have a chemistry driven mind that all of us beer lovers appreciate. Grownups need to drop some knowledge during a FlexCation too, y’all!

Dance Class

Oh, boy. The instructor took the night off and I was left to myself. Still had a magical night in Gulf Shores. What else was I going to do while passing the time after dinner at the Oyster House???

Screen Time

Everyone knows that the kids deserve this retreat after a memorable FlexCation to Alabama Beaches. LuLu’s is an unbelievable venue for the entire family. Get some screen time in the LuLu’s arcade with some live music, awesome food, and tons of gifts you can take home from their gift shop. Stocking stuffer alert!

Dang! That’s a 21st century FlexCation for the ages and that was just day-one with Professor WhiteSand! There’s an enormous amount of Gulf Shores & Orange Beach we have yet to show y’all, and that means everyone should stay tuned to The Iowa Gallivant for more! How about an idea for day-two of this FlexCation….


Well, why the heck not when there’s a smile like this greeting you in the Alabama morning!

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There’s always time for more seashells to fill our pockets. Way to “flex” your talents, Alabama Beaches!

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