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The Hotel Haven of Adams County, Iowa: The Corning Hotel

*We had another phenomenal Gallivant to Adams County this May. We saw so much that was new along with what we’ve always loved about the area. Our stay at the Corning Hotel was complimentary. The views expressed in this blog post are of our own. Now let’s Gallivant!

The new king of HWY 34! 2260 Juniper AVE, Corning, Iowa 641-418-8190

Corning, IA: Adams County

The southwestern corner of Iowa is home to scenic beauty that folks are discovering more often with the addition of great places to stay at. The region is also getting more vibrant in one of its rural communities that happens to be the seat of the least populated county in Iowa. Adams County has become a story of innovation and revitalization with an incredible Main Street district and new businesses popping up throughout the county. One of those newbies leading the charge into positive economic development is the Corning Hotel. It’s new, modern, well managed, clean, beautifully decorated, and with a staff that does a great job of hosting its guests. This is the proud addition to a community that has its sights on more growth, and what will help them get there is more visitors. The Corning Hotel excels at this!

Why rush to your room? Enjoy the spacious and vibrant lobby of the Corning Hotel! And bone up on your Adams County to-do list…

You’re driving through some of the most hilly and rural areas of Iowa. Up and down the blacktops and gravel roads. Gathering dozens of beautiful pictures of the surrounding scenery, farmland, plush timber, old barns, winding rivers, and those clear skies that go on forever. It’s a road trip you may have planned for or just found yourself on the rural roads out of the blue. Either way, night will always arrive and you can make the choice to plunge into the comfort of the Corning Hotel.

My room had the king sized welcoming! Awesome mattress with everything else I wanted to feel comfortable in Corning for a night’s sleep. And look at that artwork! A colorful theme throughout the entire hotel.
Yup! That’s a cute painting of a happy dog. But that is also an indication that The Corning Hotel is pet friendly!
They know that travelers are hitting the road with their pets and service dogs more often, and they welcome your fury and cuddly family members along for the stay.

I take comfort in a hotel that lets your pets come and hang out on your getaway. Even when I don’t have my little dog Tippy Lou with me, it lets me know they’re willing to work with a lot of people (and other animals) and take care of anyone.

More of that artwork we gawked at! It’s a modern hotel with modern woks hanging on the walls. I instinctively wanted to rub my nose onto this piggy’s snout but I don’t think I’m supposed to.

The Corning Hotel is very proud of the variety they have when it comes to the styles of accommodations. The classics like one king bed and two queens await your reservations. But if you need something a little more specific, then you just might have found your hotel.

I feel relaxed just looking at this picture.
They have wonderful accommodations for folks with disabilities; especially if someone relies on a wheelchair. Specialized beds and plenty of room to maneuver throughout the inviting room.
The bathroom is spacious and the shower/bathtub is fully loaded when it comes to adapting to your stay at the Corning Hotel.
Need to stay awhile? Like a long while? Like a really long time? The Corning Hotel has that covered as well. Get a suite that can make you feel like you’re staying in your new Corning home with everything you need for an extended time period in Adams County. Another absolute treasure to people who might be in the area for work reasons or taking care of a local loved one.

There’s a lot of perks here at the Corning Hotel. Sometimes it’s the little things that become a big deal when you really need them, and this little town in Southwest Iowa has it covered at their local hotel. Washer and dryer for any of you long-haulers when it comes to traveling. Fridges, flat screen TVs, coffee makers, and microwaves in the rooms. You can even get a stovetop in your extended stay room!

I wasn’t kidding about all that! You even have a hookup for all those that drive an electric vehicle. That’s not all! There’s also a long parking lot for those professional truckers out there to park their rig safely. That’s not all! The Hotel Corning also provides black colored towels for visitors that might be in the construction and road crew occupations. They know how dirty the job can be and they understand how some may feel bad for mucking up a towel when they get cleaned off. This place has you covered, road warrior!
Whether you’re working your fanny off or relaxing your fanny off in Corning, you all need a good breakfast in the morning. The complimentary selections are available and they have a wonderful breakfast room to dine in. Just look at all that natural sunlight illuminating your morning!
Need a workout? Then you will LOVE what the Corning Hotel has to offer. Just a short drive into town is the CHI Health Wellness Center and it has a very spacious selection of ways to get your sweat started. The Coring Hotel provides a pass to all their guests to utilize this very nice facility for the exercise you seek. Look at me take on that punching bag. Now I want to tackle something!

It was a long time coming for the Corning Hotel. It’s in a town I’ve loved my whole life. There’s so much to see in Corning, and it’s starting to catch the attention of more and more visitors every year. Small-town America has so much to offer and this community is an excellent example of a place that keeps pushing forward through any economic environment. The city of Corning has completed many development projects and they have many more to come. This town is a true inspiration and is attracting entrepreneurs while opening its arms to families looking for a great town to call home. And all their visiting customers, friends, and loved ones have the Corning Hotel to stay at as they enjoy Adams County.

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