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The Barn Burner in Brayton, Iowa (Audubon County): The T-Bone Trail Western Iowa

It’s becoming a theme in Western Iowa…Copious amounts of Ranch dressing popping up all over the T-Bone Trail!

Brayton, IA: Audubon County

The small-town lure of the local eatery is always going to be one of our specialties during our Gallivants, and this T-Bone Trail we’re on is showcasing this concept like crazy! One of Iowa’s most rural counties has some great restaurants throughout their communities. One of the best is in the little town of Brayton called the Barn Burner Tavern just a few minutes from the I-80 exit!

Look at one of the finest Prime Ribs you’ll find in Western Iowa! Served with the classic combo of rich au jus and creamy horseradish sauce with sides of broccoli and a big baked potato. That was as juicy as it looks!
Perfect char marks and a perfect char-broiled flavor. Another theme is copious amounts of cheesy hash browns, too! That’s one of the greatest sides you can have with your steak supper. You know I’m right on this one!
The Barn Burner also has very refreshing salads and stick to your ribs appetizers to start your meal off. Those are truly going to be some amazing fried onions showing up to your table. Light, crisp, and served very hot. So get to dippin’ with that big bottle-o-ranch! Don’t forget to add a side of spaghetti too. That’s not an option you get everyday.
The steaks at the Barn Burner are always a crowd pleaser!

Traveling Iowa has now brought us to Brayton’s Barn Burner for the second time, and we have now dove right into many items on the menu. Make it here for Prime Rib Night on Saturdays and get a taste of their technique. Slow cooked, cut thick, accompanied with delicious sides, and tables full of locals having a great time with you. The small-town cooking experience is one that more travelers are seeking this year and I hope the momentum keeps going well into the future. The flavor of Iowa’s off the beaten path communities is one that I crave daily. There’s that unforgettable steakhouse, tavern, café, diner, dive bar, or supper club out there for everyone. Hit the rural roads more often and find the one that will make you feel like you’re welcomed back anytime. We’ve had the pleasure to stumble upon countless of these types of restaurants and we know there’s countless more out there awaiting our arrival and yours. There’s nothing like finishing a meal on a road trip that makes you feel like you just adopted another hometown.

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Ok…This one’s on the house. But you seriusly better go see Albert when you’re in Brayton. Just look at those eyes!

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