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Primrose-Corning, Iowa (Adams County): The T-Bone Trail-Western Iowa

*We’re loving our beefy Western Iowa quest! It led us to Corning, Iowa in Adams County where we finally made it to one of Iowa’s premier restaurants! Our meal at Primrose was complimentary and the views expressed in this blog post are of our own. Now, let’s Gallivant!

Look at Jill and Joel! They’re ready to host you and your whole table at Primrose. Those grins know you’re about to order a memorable farm-to-table meal with a huge margarita. 619 Davis Ave, Corning, Iowa

Corning, Iowa: Adams County

Just where is your road trip leading you? Do you naturally look to the metro areas for innovative restaurants and your favorite meals? It makes sense because the quantity of total restaurants is much higher in those areas and they do have great and iconic places to dine. However, I urge you to expand that search and look into the world of flavors that small-town Iowa is showcasing everyday. And farm-to-table enthusiasts really need to look into what some of the smallest communities are preparing. One of those communities is Corning and it happens to be the county seat with the fewest residents in Iowa. That doesn’t matter because the vibrant Main Street district is attracting folks from all over Iowa and across state lines. One of the biggest reasons for this influx from out of town attention to Adams County is because of the talent at Primrose. Your next farm-to-your-face meal with unbelievable cooking and cocktails is waiting for your arrival in Corning!

The Teres Major! A steak cut I’ve never experienced until Primrose!

We were in town for the inaugural T-Bone Trail, and that doesn’t mean we only order T-Bones. We’re seeking a beefy tour of Western Iowa and boy did we find it. Cuts that I’ve enjoyed my whole life along with cuts that Primrose has opened up for me…..Wait….that sounded a little off. You know what? I’m going with it. The Teres Major landed directly on my plate and placed in front of me at my favorite spot: right at the bar! The steak was very tender, juicy, and had a unique texture when compared to any other steak I’ve wrangled. And look at the potatoes Rosti! If you love hash browns, then you will love this gourmet attraction. Trust me, I could eat them like popcorn here at Primrose. And those greens are local, local, local as well. Crisp, fresh, and taken care of with beautiful flavors.

Beer break! Primrose also features local Iowa beers including this Midwest Haze from our friends at Keg Creek Brewing in Glenwood, Iowa!
I love New York!

Back to the steaks! Primrose does the classics too and the New York Strip was in action at the bar as well. The beef they prepare at Primrose is very tasty and of high-quality. You can tell that Primrose wants to make sure you remember the meal and the places their ingredients come from with every positive moment here.

Let’s take another break. Time for one of Primrose’s famous margaritas!

Gallivanting Iowa’s small towns is our specialty, and Primrose is one of the many reasons we’ll keep doing it. The dining room was slammin’ and the beer bell from the kitchen was ringin’. It was a very exciting and energetic atmosphere on this night as I imagine most evenings are. The locals were filling up the joint along with the visitors and it all looked like full-on enjoyment in Corning. Just click on that video and listen to the action at Primrose!

Just buy a beer from the kitchen and get that bell going!

I told you this place was lively! Thank you to the entire crew at this amazing restaurant and to the cooks who showed me another steak to love and more of Corning to tell everyone about. You could have chosen countless cities to share your concept with, but you had a hunch when it came to Adams County. As someone who has loved this community my whole life, I can’t tell everyone how glad I am to see Corning having Primrose opening its doors day after day to regulars and new customers. There is so much more to see in this area and I can’t wait to see more road trippers stream into Adams County. I really want one of those margaritas right now….

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I love a gourmet meal. I also love a cold beer and loud engines!

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