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Wiota Steakhouse-Wiota (Cass County): The T-Bone Trail-Western Iowa

*The T-Bone Trail is a Western Iowa regional road trip that is showcasing some amazing restaurants, communities and folks making Iowa a delicious destination every day. This promotion will showcase multiple cuts of steak and the beefiest flavors you can imagine. The meal I enjoyed was complimentary and the views I express are always of my own. This is Western Iowa beef country!

Old HWY 6 will lead you all over the county and eventually to Western Iowa. Your cross country road trip could use more steaks! 302 Center Street Wiota, Iowa 712-783-9232

Wiota, IA: Cass County

By the luck of scheduling the inaugural T-Bone Trail began where The Iowa Gallivant began in the summer of 2014. Cass County, baby! Since then we have come back a few times and have now made it into a little habit of returning. The county seat of Atlantic is a major pull to the area with its own restaurants, shopping, events, and a beautiful business district on Chestnut Street. Like all of Iowa, Cass County is also home to small-towns that take pride in every single place of business that’s bringing precious revenue to its community. And many of these communities have their local steakhouse welcoming locals and new visitors like us. Here’s the juicy and thick cut side of town at Wiota Steakhouse!

Steak supper with new friends! Coleen Babe brought the Jensen family to represent the Cass County Beef Producers!

We had the pleasure of meeting some great folks in Cass County and that includes this table that welcomed us to Wiota. This was another Iowa Gallivant first too. Joining us was the Cass County Beef Queen-Paige Jensen and her new title was only a few hours old! That’s one heck of a way to begin your night in Wiota. However, we need to talk about what gets this steakhouse humming….The steaks!

16oz Ribeye and char-broiled to beefy perfection. Just look at it. Are you ready for a bite of your own? Listen to that craving and get going to Wiota Steakhouse!
Like your beef with a little crunch to it? Then order up a helping of Chicken Fried Steak! Creamy and peppery gravy over a tender and breaded cut of beef that is classic stick to your ribs eatin’!
I think you can tell that we loved our meal here. That Ribeye had no chance getting past me!

It’s never a bad idea to get a very large side of hash browns or huge baked potato with your steaks. It’s a meat and potatoes kind of crowd and we’re all about that. Wiota Steakhouse was having a busy Friday night and yet we still got a chance to chat with the crew. Getting to know your folks that are cooking your food combined with a table of local beef producers at the neighboring table makes the experience that much more impactful. This is what I absolutely love about small-town Iowa. We entered Wiota Steakhouse as new customers and out-of-towners. We left wanting to return because we were treated like old friends. That’s a specialty we can all get comfortable with. And then there’s this….

That is what you get when you order Ranch at Wiota Steakhouse! OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, BABY! Click here and read about our recent gallivant to Cass County!
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Let’s just say that when I saw this in the park and the trophies inside the steakhouse I didn’t feel like I should challenge any of the locals to game of hoops at the park next door.

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