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Let’s Enjoy the Suite and Eat-In: Country Inn & Suites-Pella, Iowa

*The recent Tulip Time in Pella got us to town and we discovered so much more while we were there. It was our first time seeing this town and we had an unforgettable time. Our stay at the Country Inn & Suites-Pella was complimentary and the views expressed in this blog post are of our own. Now, let’s get back to Gallivanting!

Right off of of HWY 163 and just minutes to everything Pella has to offer. 315 Roosevelt Road 641-620-1111

Pella, Iowa: Marion County

The season is here, and Pella does it so beautifully. It’s spring, the tulips were in bloom, and the massive rush of tourists and travelers were in full force. It was the first slamming weekend of the year that we observed and we dove right into it. Our place of lodging was Country Inn & Suites and we had a suite that was fully equipped for a taste of Pella right in our room.

I love the lighting that comes into the room all day long. I really don’t like it when I’m trying to sleep-in. Good thing the curtains at the Country Inn & Suites are fully operating sun blinders. I had no problem waking up when I wanted to in a nice cool atmosphere. Yes, I love making my hotel rooms feel like Santa’s elves would be comfortable too. I’ll get all that sunny heat when I step outside, thank you very much. I love it when an AC can keep me bundled when I’m cuddled. That’s going to be the title of my autobiography someday.

Let’s start taking more time to enjoy our hotel rooms! Especially when you have one that has the nice and clean feeling that this suite has in Pella. Country Inn & Suites is a hotel chain I’ve stayed at A LOT of times. On business, out of the blue, and now on gallivants. We had a long and eventful day just livin’ the best tulip-inspired life in Downtown Pella so that meant we could use a little down time and kick our feet up. And that we did!

Why pass this up in our suite? Take a drive on any of these comfortable models and let the evening slip by.

There’s plenty of great restaurants to experience in Pella and we sure did a good job of hitting some of them up. But sometimes getting the local take out hits the spot. We asked the Pella locals where they liked to order their favorite Chinese food and it was Oriental Express getting suggested over and over. I smashed some chicken Lo Mein noodles while laying in my comfy bed watching baseball! Take me out to the the ballgame….some other day. I’m enjoying the friendly confines of my suite in Pella, Iowa right now!

Nom-nom-nom! Is there a noodle monster? There should be. I’m busy though so start asking around for me please and thank you. And tell that Cookie Monster to get more of those in hos mouth when he eats! Good guy though.

Country Inn & Suites-Pella has the lobby to meet up in, the exercise room to get ripped in, and a watery getaway that we know all you families are going to jump in. It’s and indoor pool, silly! Last one in has to order more noodles! I was the last one in. I wanted more noodles….

Not pictured is me. Let’s just say I need a little summertime sun to make an appearance in one of these photos. That pool may need you and your family to book a room and give it a workout. TIG orders!

There’s more than one way to enjoy this suite. Sleep-in, surf the streaming channels, kick back and enjoy some local wines from the area in those nice couches. All great ideas. Or you can order more take out! Stay put and get a taste of Pella’s pizza scene and binge some movies or shows on their flat screen!

George’s Pizza & Steakhouse to make your stay at Country Inn & Suites-Pella even “suite’er”!

Our stay here was short and sweet, but it did the trick. Sparkling room, clean sheets, a bed I had no trouble sleeping in, and a staff that was putting in a lot of busy hours. It was a huge weekend in Pella and anyone that had a bed free was booked. We were very grateful to be staying here on this big time tulip time season. You know what else was great? Casey’s and Dairy Queen right across the street. Ice cream, breakfast pizza, pool, comfy room, and all within yards of each other. Yea, I think you have this figured out. Load up that grocery-getter and drive to Pella and pronto!

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Just look at all those good times in Pella, Iowa!

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